How can I make my married life more interesting?


Marriage is a beautiful thing and for those lucky to get a great partner, you will be happy. However, like all things, marriage comes with its ups and downs. It isn’t always the fault of either of you, but sometimes things just don’t go the way we think. 

Everyone wants a marriage that works, so when things go haywire in your marriage there is cause for concern. Some people are opportune to have a glorious and happy union, so it’s possible if you are willing to put in some effort. Here are some tips about making your marriage interesting. 

Make time 

It’s true that everyone is busy and needs a career to make money. It could be work, school or other family obligations. Many couples are engaged. Finding that spare time might be difficult for many people seeking to climb a career ladder. However, Irrespective of your engagement, your marriage can only work when you carve out free time.

It doesn’t have to be everyday, however you and your partner need a good time to converse and have a nice time. Marriage is for life, you need to put some effort to make it work. 


Marriage is filled with many pre-programmed activities. There is a time to go to work, go for laundry, visit children and other activities.. To make your married life work, you need to be more spontaneous. Regularly, surprise your partner with things they don’t think about and your marriage will be great.

People, especially women, love surprises on a regular basis. To keep them happy you will need to make romantic surprises a regular norm. You can surprise them with vacations, gifts and other things you think they will appreciate. 

Engage in more romance 

The place of romance cannot be underrated in marriage. Without romance and sex in a relationship, there are bound to be problems. You will need to improve your sexual sessions with your partner to Foster a great bonding. Asides the traditional sexual patterns, you can indulge in bdsm.

Also, you can use some of the romance toys at These toys will make you and your partner have a passionate time. With sex and toys, your marriage will improve. 

Get silly with one another 

You don’t need to always be serious when in marriage. Both couples need to let loose their emotions and get silly with one another. This can be done with jokes and little tickle fights. While some of these jokes can be embarrassing, it makes marriage interesting and fun. 

Talk dirty to one another

While having sex is encouraged, however you need to get in the mood is Crucial. The easier way for a marriage to be interesting is when both partners aren’t afraid of talking dirty to one another. You don’t need to be formal with one another, with marriage there are no boundaries. Sex innuendos are important to get partners in the mood.


For a marriage to blossom and be interesting, it’s important to always engage in things that will keep both partners together. The tips mentioned above are quality information which can help your marriage stand the test of time.


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