5 Brave Tips on Navigating the Fickle Dating Scenario After a Heartbreak


There are only a few experiences in life that are as hard to deal with as a breakup. You are not sad, but there is a trail of emotions, guilt, and regret that you are dealing with. Trying to confront these slew of emotions affects our mental health. Other than dealing with and accepting our feelings, we must also navigate back into the dating world. People often find this step tricky as they are worried about being too hasty.

So, is there a timeline for getting over a heartbreak? What is ‘too soon’ when we consider returning to the dating game? Well, it depends on several factors. 

Common feelings you experience post-breakup

People often float in a pool of bloated emotions after their breakup. There are instances where they re-enter the dating scenario just for validation. If you have had an experience where you have found your partner cheating via some changes in their behavior or discovered their dating profile with the help of a Tinder account finderany such scenario can give your heart a significant setback.

Anger, betrayal, abandonment, and grief are commonly experienced during heartbreak. 

It’s important to feel these feelings but equally important to move past them. One needs to come to grips with the reason for the heartbreak and deal with it. It is even scientifically proven that people who reflected on the grounds of their breakup or heartbreak had lower anxiety symptoms and an increased satisfaction rate from their future relationships.

This blog has five tips to help you navigate the dating scenario after your breakup.

#1. First, heal yourself

When you are going through a breakup, you won’t be jarred about returning to the dating game. But to increase your dating success rates, you must focus on having a positive mindset and healing yourself to handle the many ups and downs of dating

Take time for yourself. Acknowledge and grieve the loss that you are feeling. Continue growing as an individual and decide what you want from your relationships that will help you lead a happy life. Once you think you have partly healed, it’s time to start dating again, and the rest of the healing can be done while you are dating again.

#2. Reflect on what you want in a partner (AND what you don’t)

With adequate time and distance from your past relationships, you can objectively evaluate what did and didn’t work out for you- you can use this evaluation to land yourself a partner you are looking for.

You can list attributes of all your exes that you liked and disliked. This way, you can define the kind of person you should be with on paper. Reflect on your core values that will help you attain a sense of empowerment and steer you towards a more fulfilling relationship.

#3. Set realistic goals when dating online

After a heartbreak, it’s beneficial to date with a positive mindset, but having high expectations is not a good idea. It can be challenging to appreciate being single and living in the present if you have high expectations for finding the love of your life quickly online.

You might have irrational expectations about the kind of partner you want or how long it might take to find someone you want to date. It’s acceptable to spend some time alone. Take your time, even if you might feel alone. Rushing into a new relationship before you’ve had time to figure out what you want or have healed from your previous relationship is the last thing you should do.

#4. Do not compare your dates with your ex

It can be easy to compare every new person you go out with to your ex when you’re dating again after a split, but this is a bad habit that you should work to overcome as soon as possible.

Comparing the people you’re seeing to your ex is the most significant obstacle people face when they return to dating after a breakup. It’s an important issue that, for whatever reason, is a very prevalent and challenging thing for people to overcome. It can eventually cause much pain to the people involved if it becomes apparent.

#5. Refrain from talking about your ex on your dates

It should go without saying that discussing your ex with someone you are out on a date with is not a good idea. Until things get serious, you should talk about your former relationships and how they shaped you.

Steer clear of discussing your ex-partner with new partners or sharing your level of hurt or the reason you split up with them. Your emotional or aggressive demeanor will turn off any potential partner on a date. Talking about previous relationships is necessary if you’re considering dating someone.


Love in companionship is a beautiful feeling. It would be best if you took time to heal yourself from heartbreak. Heartbreaks can come in the form of lying or sexual infidelity, even when your partner’s profile is discovered on a dating app with the help of a Tinder account finder.

So, keep these tips close and return to the dating landscape once you feel ready!


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