Skills needed to become an eyelash artist


We couldn’t deny that the beauty industry has a wide variety of competition today, but that does not imply that there is no room for a new business to arise. One of the viable career options for anyone who wants to enter the beauty industry is to become a lash artist.

Nowadays, people who specialize in doing lashes have a thriving industry all to themselves. Do you believe you have what it takes to succeed as a lash artist?

To become a professional lash artist, you will need a range of abilities and attributes; however, most of these are simple. You can master them if you have enough patience and determination. 

Let’s look at some of the abilities you’ll need to have a successful career as a lash artist.

  1. Steady Hands

To put on extensions, you have to work with one lash at a time, and to be able to do this, you need to keep your hands steady. Pay close attention to the details and give the same care to the last eyelash. Steady hands do not easily make mistakes and provide excellent results for the satisfaction of eyelash extension clients. 

2. Patience is the key.

A session of eyelash extension can last anywhere from 1 and half hours to 3 hours, so it is essential to be patient and keep the atmosphere calm and relaxing for your clients. If you hurry, your client’s eyelash extensions might not look as good or last as long as possible. Don’t worry about taking your time because clients understand that eyelash extensions might take some time. Both you and your client want a good result.

Take note of this, and if you want to satisfy your clients, you need to make your clients feel comfortable by not rushing through the treatment. It will make them feel that you value your time doing your job.

3. Excellent eyesight 

Working with tiny eyelashes is something you need to deal with when you are a lash artist, so you need to have good eyesight. Even if you don’t have perfect 20/20 vision, as long as you make sure to wear your glasses or contacts at work, it’s okay. Lash artists can do their best work when they can see well.

4. High concentration level 

Aside from having good eyesight, it would be best if you had good concentration. You are dealing with the nearest part of the eye, which could be very sensitive. Mistakes can happen when you are distracted, which can lead to injury. 

You were distracted, or daydreaming could also lead to an unhappy customer. Why? Because the outcome of your lash extension may not look good, and clients will be upset and may not want to come back. As a lash technician, paying close attention can help you put on lashes and create a sound output for the clients. 

5. Be accurate

When applying half-set or full-set eyelash extensions, it is essential to be accurate. You can’t make a mistake when you give lash extension works. Any error can make a customer angry and give your business a bad reputation. 

But skills and practice can help you get better at being a lash specialist. Taking some training to improve your accuracy and confidence might be essential to becoming an expert in this field.

6. Be creative 

Being creative is one skill a lash artist must have to be successful. The best people on the job are those people who appreciate the beauty and try to do things perfectly. That’s because you have to think about what will work for a customer based on who they are. 

Most lash artists do for their clients, making something that brings out their natural beauty and makes getting ready faster. You’ll need to think of each eye you frame as a work of art. 

7. Be consistent 

After learning about it, keep on doing it. Of course, you should be working with clients every day, all the time. Because it is a very technical skill to learn, you need to do it every day. It’s like working out, and you have to do it all the time to get used to it. Practice will help you be consistent in doing it to achieve the same high-quality work to give your clients. It takes time to learn but keep working at it every day. 

8. Excellent Customer Service 

How you treat your clients can help you or destroy you and your reputation. Getting better at customer service can help you build relationships within your business, make customers feel welcome, and most importantly, make them want to return. 

9. Great Stamina 

Having clients all day can be tiring. We all get tired, but you don’t want it to get in the way of your work. The last thing you want is to be shaky when meeting your previous client for the day. Try working in a salon near you to get a feel for a day as a lash artist. It will help you build your stamina. 

10. Upskilling 

If you consistently work with clients for a few years and keep up with the latest skills and techniques, you will be in an excellent position to become a top lash artist. Attend conferences and beauty expos, and keep up on the trend.

Bonus Answered Questions: 

Do you have to have a license to do eyelash extensions? 

Not all countries might require you to have a license, but first and foremost, training and credentials help you make sure you are giving high-quality service to your clients. Having training and certification allows you to prove to your clients that you can achieve what they expect you to provide to them. 

It will likely become proof that you are qualified to do the job. Again, it is not required by law, but it is suitable for a beautician to have public liability insurance.

For many public liability insurers, you need to show proof of qualification or training to be covered for your services, like eyelash extensions. 

How long does it take to learn how to do lashes and become a lash artist? 

Putting on lash extensions isn’t that easy, and it can take months of practice before you’re ready to charge people for your service. If you don’t get the hang of it right away, you’ll need to keep trying, or you may need more than one training course. 

Because the beauty industry is constantly changing and growing, becoming an eyelash extension artist is a popular choice nowadays. As a lash artist, you have the freedom to be a self-employed person or run your own business. You can have all the options and make your work-life balance because of this career. 



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