Classic Black Vs Colourful What Type Of Dress Should I Wear To the Prom


It can be difficult to choose the right dress for your prom. On the one hand, you want a dress that reflects the current styles and trends. But, on the other hand, you will want to stand out from the crowd. 

The current trend is leaning toward bold and bright dresses, which means neon pinks, oranges, and even yellows. Of course, a classic black number is still an option as it never goes out of fashion. Here’s how you choose which type of dress to wear to your prom.

Check Out Local Options

The first step is to look at the prom dresses near me. Specifically, you’ll want to look at the styles of dresses, the colour options, and you can ensure you know your measurements. This makes it much easier to shop online and get the perfect dress for a fraction of the price. 

It can also be fun to go to your local dress shop with your friends and you’ll have the bonus of honest feedback. 

The Advantages of Black Dresses

There are several reasons why a black dress could be the right choice for your prom.

  • Slimming

Black has always been a very forgiving colour. It can help slim any appearance which is great if you’re worried about how you look. A black dress can be figure-hugging or free-flowing and help you to look and feel fantastic.  

  • Traditional Look

Black is a classic look and one that never goes out of style. Wearing a black dress will effectively allow you to exude old-school confidence.  But, a black dress can also be reused for other occasions. This isn’t always the case if you have a colourful or another type of dress.  

  • Emphasizes Accessories

Wearing black means that your chosen accessories will stand out more. You can add a signature necklace and a bright handbag and you’ll stand out for all the right reasons. It’s the perfect balance between being noticed and overpowering the room.

The Advantages Of Colourful Dresses

Of course, there are several good reasons for wearing a colourful dress:

  • On Trend

Bold and bright colours are very popular now and are likely to be for the next year or longer. You can embrace this trend and show you are in touch with the latest fashion designs. You’ll look great and are likely to be the envy of the party.  

  • Expressive

Going colourful means everyone will see you. It creates an opportunity to show that you’re fun and you’re comfortable being unique. In short, wearing a colourful dress can encourage you to be yourself. You may just surprise yourself and others regarding what you are capable of. 

Final Thoughts

The ultimate decision is yours. But, it does help to look at yourself in the mirror and try on several different dresses. You can do this in-store or by ordering online. Being able to see how good you look and feel will help to ensure you have the confidence you need to wear the dress and enjoy your prom.


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