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Floor Machines of the North Area has been serving the floor support gear industry in the San Jose region for more than 30 years. Our goal is to ensure that your floor support equipment functions properly. Our services include cushion administration, sanders, scrubbers, edgers, truck-mounted extractors, vacuums, extractors, and pressure washers, just to name a few. Regardless of where the hardware was purchased, we can fix almost any brand of gear. In addition to Clarke, FactoryCat, Windsor, MasterBlend, Sandia, and ProTeam, we stock a wide variety of new hardware from a variety of leading manufacturers. Every deal includes a comprehensive instructional course so you are fully informed about the machine’s operation. Our Bay Area location probably has one of the biggest parts determinations for OEM parts. Fast turnaround, OEM parts from the processing plant, and qualified, industrial-ready staff are just some of the benefits we offer.


Bayareafloormachine.com does not generally consent to cargo charges. In the event of extraordinary orders, non-stock items, and production line direct requests, cargo charges might apply regardless of the transportation area. Each distribution center may not be able to load all recorded items; thus, additional delivery times and charges may be incurred. With rising fuel costs, we maintain the right to add fuel surcharges to all shipments as necessary.


Cushions, sanders, scrubbers, edgers, truck-mounts, vacuums, extractors, pressure washers, nailers, and other equipment are all administered and repaired by us. Regardless of where you bought the equipment, we can guarantee a fix for most brands of hardware. Over the past 19 years, Equipment Repair Center, otherwise known as Bay Area Floor Machine, has been advancing the floor upkeep gear industry. In addition to brands like Clarke, Pacific, EDIC, Tornado, Pro-Team, and more, we stock one of the largest selections of new hardware in the Bay Area. As part of every deal, an instructional meeting is included to ensure that you understand the operation of the machine completely. Part-loading is one of our largest business activities in the Bay Area. The faculty at our facility is equipped to provide surefire workmanship, fast turnaround times, and plant OEM parts.

Synthetic substances must be cleaned

Are you really interested in modern cleaning synthetic compounds, for example, floor cleaning synthetic compounds or cover cleaning synthetic compounds? Modern floor cleaning is our specialty at the Bay Area Floor Machine Company. The moment you pick us for floor cleaning, you’re purchasing from a local company that understands the nuances of the job. The container store we are not the same as the others. Our subject matter experts know what they are talking about! There are a variety of services we provide, including fixing administrations, hardware deals, and cleaning products. We offer a wide selection of rug cleaning products from brands like MasterBlend, Pro’s Choice, Esteam, and Prochem.


Floor Machine Company in the Inlet Area. Hardware that meets your cleaning needs. You can count on us to provide you with the most ideal hardware to make your machine shop or workplace cleaner, whether it is a battery-operated floor scrubber or rug extractor. A business vacuum and floor machine isn’t the only thing we offer! In addition to selling hardware, we are prepared to fix it whenever it needs to be fixed. Once you’ve purchased your hardware, you can rest assured that you’ll receive quick and prompt assistance.


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