8 Tips to Make Your Horse More Stylish


Horses are beautiful animals with their unique style, but sometimes they need to dress up It’s not hard to make your horse look good, The right rug will make your horse look like she just stepped off a magazine cover. 

When you purchase horse rugs online in Australia, you will be able to choose from a wide array of brands that offer quality products at affordable prices. If you’re a horse owner, you know that having a stylish horse can be rewarding. Here are some tips to help you make your horse look more stylish!

Grooming Makes a Big Difference

Grooming your horse is an important part of keeping it looking great and feeling good. If you want to make sure that your horse looks its best, here are some tips!  Brush your horse’s mane and tail regularly, both of these parts can get dirty easily if they’re not kept clean. A regular brush will help remove dirt, while a hoof pick or comb can be used to remove dead hair from under the nails.

Clean out their ears regularly by using cotton swabs soaked with warm water. You should also check for any infections in them or around their eyes; this can be prevented by cleaning these areas once every week or two weeks depending on how often you ride!

Match the Rug to the Season

The season is an important part of fitting your horse. You want to make sure that the rug you choose matches the season. It doesn’t matter what kind of rug you have or where it came from, as long as it’s appropriate for your horse’s size and health needs. Make sure that whatever you’re buying fits well on their body by purchasing a nice-fitting one for them!

If you’re choosing a rug for your horse, then I would recommend finding one that matches their natural coat color because this will make them look more put together and stylish than if they had any other color but black or brown. If someone sees me riding around town in my red vest/jacket combo then people might think twice about attacking me because they think “Oh no! Not again!”

Accessorize your horse with gorgeous stirrups and girths

Accessorizing your horse is a great way to make it look stylish. Stirrups and girths are essential for safety, so don’t forget to get them in your purchase! We have some beautiful accessories at Outback Peddler that will ensure you have the best-looking ride around town.

Consider Putting Padding in Their Rugs

Padding can be used to help prevent rubbing and ensure your horse’s comfort. It’s also useful for cold weather, as it traps heat and helps keep their body temperature from dropping too low when the air is chilly. 

Horses with thin coats may also benefit from padding as it will keep their skin from getting chafed or sore from rubbing against the saddle pad or blanket on one side. Finally, some horses have sensitive skin that feels hot in the summertime but cold in the wintertime. Padding helps them maintain an even temperature throughout the year so they don’t feel overheated any time of year!

Use a breastplate

A breastplate is a piece of equipment that protects the horse’s chest and shoulders. They’re used in eventing, show jumping, dressage, polo, and other equestrian sports. Breastplates come in different styles and sizes depending on what you want your horse to look like. 

Try a back guard

A back guard is a kind of padded fabric that you can put on your horse’s back to protect it from the elements. It’s usually made of something like vinyl or canvas, and it covers the whole area under your horse’s tail. This may sound silly, but if you have ever had any experience with high-strung horses or dogs then you’ll know how important it can be for them to feel protected from their bodies when they’re hot or cold.

There are different types of back guards available; some come in fitted sizes while others are “one size fits all” options. The latter type might not fit perfectly across all breeds/colors/sizes, so make sure before buying anything that this isn’t an issue! You should also look out for ones that offer extra features such as reflective piping around the edges. This will help keep out light at night too!

Go for colored leatherwork

Colored leatherwork is a great way to make your horse stand out from the rest. It can be used on bridles, breastplates, and saddle pads. If you have a white horse, colored leatherwork will help add some color to his or her coat so that he/she is more noticeable in the competition ring or arena! When considering saddle pads, appearance is not the sole factor to consider. Various types of saddles are designed for different purposes. For instance, if you engage in trail riding, you can explore the collection of horse saddle pads for trail riding, which also offers colorful options to add some personality to your horse. For activities like horse jumping or horseback riding, it is important to use saddle pads specifically designed for those disciplines. Fortunately, colorful and unique versions are available for all types of saddle pads, making it easier than ever to combine quality and design.

Colored leatherwork also makes it easier for people who don’t know much about horses to spot one quickly when they’re riding past at competitions or shows.

It’s not hard to have a stylish horse.

It’s not hard to have a stylish horse. You just need to make sure that your horse has the right rug for the weather and match it to the coat you have on him or her. If you live in an arid region, for example, then don’t use a heavy rug indoors. Instead, get one made from natural materials like wool or cotton that are breathable.

If possible choose two different rugs so that if one gets dirty or worn out then there’s another one ready and waiting in its place! You’ll also want to make sure all other accessories complement each other well, underlayers, saddle pads etcetera. This way they’ll look good together when they’re combined throughout their lifetime.


When you make your horse more stylish, it’s important to remember that they’re like a person, too. They deserve some nice things in life and deserve to be treated well. You can do this by caring for them properly and providing them with the right accessories. Remember, though, that style comes from within, so don’t forget about how you feel while purchasing new horse rugs online in Australia!


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