What is The Average Payout For a Personal Injury Claim in The UK?


If you’re thinking about filing a personal injury claim in the United Kingdom, the first, and perhaps, the most important thing that you probably want to learn is how much payout you could get at the end of the whole process. To put it as simply as possible, the payout people get varies from one case to another and it’ll also be determined based on a wide array of factors. Nonetheless, it could be estimated, and here is what you should know about the entire process:

1. It Could Be Calculated, But The Amount Will Rely on Various Factors

The first thing that you should know is that the payment you’ll get from filing such a claim will entirely rely on the extent of the wounds you’ve sustained. Hence, the worse your wounds are, the more money you’ll end up getting. This also suggests that some injuries – such as a broken hand – won’t get the same amount of payout as a mishap that has caused extreme brain injury or a loss of one or both limbs.

Because of how complex it is to calculate the amount of payout you’ll get , it’s always better to contact and work with an experienced legal company such as Bojat Law Group. By hiring an attorney, you’ll make the entire process simpler, you’ll quickly learn how much money you could receive, and they’ll also be capable of assisting you with gathering all evidence and submitting your case to the court – which may be daunting for you to complete, especially if you’re injured at the moment.

2. There is a Categorization of Damages That Can Help You Learn The Payout

As we mentioned, the amount you’ll obtain will entirely rely on the wounds you’ve sustained. For example, severing your Achilles tendon – which will restrict your movement – is considered to be the most serious injury out there, and it can result in a payout of approximately £38.000. On the other hand, a back injury such as a sprain or strain is considered a mild injury, meaning that you’ll receive less payout of approximately £12.500 as explained by Bojat Law Group.

You should know that there are various categories of injuries, for instance, there are four types of facial scarring injuries ranging from mild to less significant to very severe – the payout also ranges from £13.500 to £97.300 – hence, it might be best if you work with an attorney that is experienced in personal injury claims, mostly because they’ll be capable of telling you exactly in which categories your injuries fall into, as well as how much money you can receive at the end of the entire process.


As you could read and learn, the amount of money you’ll get from a personal injury claim will entirely rely on the extent of the wounds you’ve sustained. Due to this, it might be better if you hire an experienced lawyer like Bojat Law Group that won’t only tell you how much payout you can expect, but that’ll also assist you with making the entire process quicker and simpler. If you’ve determined that you’ll work with an attorney, don’t lose time, instead, start looking for one as soon as you can so that you can file your case.


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