Permits and Approvals For Home Remodelling and Renovations


When planning a renovation on your property, it’s easy to skip permits and authorization until the very last minute. While the paperwork and the process of getting a permit can be tedious, they are crucial. After all, you wouldn’t want your renovation work to be tagged illegal. Neither would you like to face challenges if you plan to sell the house later. As much as it sounds like some rigid formalities to complete before the big job, you must obtain a legal sanction from the council and building approval Sydney for any extensions, external landscaping, or structural changes you plan to make to your house exteriors. The council reserves every right to order a demolition and levy fines on you without a permit. Let us see what type of construction projects that might need a permit and what are the different types of permits you should know. You should ask potential contractors such as a tree removal service in Inverness, for an itemized list of expected costs including labour, materials, and any additional fees or charges.

Constructions and Renovations That Might Require a Permit

Although the process and requirements of building permits may vary from state to state, all homeowners in Australia need to be aware of the permits applicable to their project, which can be:

  • Complete home renovations and remodelling
  • Adding decks and balconies to your house
  • Fencing (the height limit varies with municipalities; if yours exceed the limit, you will need a permit)
  • Installing new openings (doors and windows)
  • Swimming pool construction
  • External fittings and fixtures
  • Major electrical and plumbing connections
  • Constructing a new driveway/shed
  • Re-roofing

Types of Permits

The following are the permits that you will commonly require to introduce structural and dimensional changes to your house.

  •    A Planning Permit

You or your builder should apply to the local council stating the purpose of home reconstruction or renovation. However, getting a planning permit does not give you the licence to start building immediately. Application for a planning permit must be submitted with an application for the building permit. The planning permit is a certificate that gives you legal consent to develop or use the land for the specified purpose.  

  •    Building Permit

This is the major one to obtain if you plan to remodel your house. It must meet the health and safety guidelines of buildings and constructions. You need to submit an application for the permit along with three copies of drawings outlining the construction type and giving information about the materials employed. Your application will be cancelled if it violates the building regulations in any way. The proposed building must meet the requirements of the Building Act building code. The building certifier gives a commencement notice upon which you can begin your work. In short, you need to prove that the construction is stable and will adhere to building standards of hygiene and safety.

  •    State and Territory-wise Permits 

In Australia, you will need permits and approvals according to your state of residence requirements. Please get in touch with your council to guide you with the local laws. Ensure that your builder does the construction following government guidelines. 

  •    Development Approval

You will need this to ensure that the new development or extension complies with planning regulations, territory plan codes, and development conditions for the land. The land development should also conform with lease requirements (if any).

  •    Additional Permits

You will need other approvals if you plan to do the following —

  • Tree cutting and removal
  • Any type of construction that could crucially impact the environment
  • Building driveways, stormwater drainage infrastructure, disposing of demolition, etc.

Final Words

Research before you start consolidating permits for your house renovation. Approvals are subject to state requirements in Australia. Consult a design and building practitioner before you start your application process and pay your fees. You will need to include all your plans and specifications in the paperwork to begin your house project. 


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