Womens Shearling Slippers, Kitten Heel Mule, and other Shoes from the Famous Ukrainian Brand


Speed and power are synonymous with life in the XXI century. Technologies, trends, and opportunities are changing at a crazy pace.

To keep up with the rapid flow of daily life, you need the most comfortable shoes. Knowing this, the Ukrainian clothing brand Sleeper, founded in 2014, offers shoe ranges featuring extremely practical models that at the same time boasting a unique design.

Want to learn more about women’s shearling slippers, kitten heel mules, and other stylish shoes? Welcome to our article page! 

Explore more about womens sherpa slippers

These shearling slippers were the first pair of shoes the brand offered to its customers. They were inspired by the aesthetics of the 1990s.

These handmade fur slippers with a square toe are the epitome of comfort and homeliness. The lining of shearling will protect your feet from the cold, and the comfortable sole will not allow your feet to get tired.

Women’s shearling slippers are designed in different colors. Fashionistas have available:

  • Cream
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Lavender
  • Lemon pairs.

Sizes currently available depend on the selected hue. The general range is 36-42.

The thing that makes these slippers stand out is their versatility. Thanks to their unisex design, they can be worn for a walk, or on a flight, they can just as easily be worn at home and even to host guests with whom you plan to have a cozy tea party.

Also, womens sherpa slippers will impress their wearers with the numerous combinability options. They can be worn with jeans, simple T-shirts, and light suits, such as those unisex pajamas from the same brand. You can wear them with dresses, such as Loungewear Dress or Brigitte – relaxed-cut outfits from Sleeper.

Fluffy gorgeous pair of slippers will give you a lot of pleasant emotions and will cozily diversify your casual outfit.

Pink mules: casual all-rounder chic

These pink shoes with a slight heel will be a real decoration for your closet.

The upper is made of Italian satin, an aristocratic soft material. The heel is decorated with a flirty heart. Feathers adorning the shoes give it additional grace. Alcantara lining makes them comfortable to wear.

New pink pom kitten heel mules are a version of really dressy going-out footwear. So, wearing feather mules in combination with Marquise pink midi-dress, you can safely go to the party, dedicated to the fairy tale characters: Cinderella, fairies, and princesses. The bouffant sleeves of the dress, its corset waist, and frilly neckline will make a harmonious ensemble with a pair of pink mules and will fit in the respective atmosphere.

When paired with the iconic Atlanta dress, the pink pom heels will create a semi-formal look that is appropriate for social events and business dinners. This combination is especially interesting because the feathers adorning the shoes come together in a non-trivial duo with the ruffles on Atlanta’s billowing sleeves. The length of the dress and its close-fitting bodice will bring balance to the image.

These combinations are not the only options for the possible look, of course. You can always wear these shoes with skirts, leggings, and even jeans.

Regarding colors, the designers offer to buy black mules with feathers besides the pink ones. As you know, black along with white are colors that can be combined with any other shades. So, by choosing black mules, you can easily combine them with almost any dressy outfit from your closet.

The size range is also encouraging. Black and pink mules will fit women with feet sizes 35-42.

If you want to get the best size and color you’re interested in, hurry up and look through the catalog today!

Black mules with feathers: a different perspective

It is easy to see how creative and practical the designers of the brand are by looking at the black mules, which are quite different from the previous model. Feathers also come into play as decorations in this line, but the model itself has a low base and the decorations are detachable.

Comfortable and stylish slippers are made of satin, which alone gives them a touch of elegance. The ability to detach the feathers also makes a difference in the mood you want to create with these slippers. Black shoes with feathers can be worn for a movie tour, shopping, a home gathering, or an evening cake at your neighbor’s house. By removing the feathers, you get an understated option, which is suitable for wearing at home or on a long train trip, or flight.

Black shoes with feathers these mules are also impressive due to the harmonious outfits that you can create with them. So, you can wear the slippers with:

  • stylish feather pajamas from the Party collection. Pants and top made of viscose, combined with these slippers will be not just infinitely comfortable, but also incredibly elegant;
  • jeans, complemented by a cute knitted cardigan with feathers. Ordinary everyday life will be immediately painted in vibrant tones;
  • flirty French Kiss mini-dress. Trimmed with feathers at the hemline and neckline, the dress teamed with black shoes with feathers will brighten up your cocktail evening or romantic dinner at home.

Low-base mules are an extremely fashionable, trendy, and, what’s equally important, practical option. Not only are they comfortable to walk in, but they are also easy to care for. The main thing is to remove the feathers before cleaning. Thus, minimal care effort and your slippers will last you more than one season.

But does the shoe selection ends with black shoes with feathers?

Of course, the previously listed models are bestsellers. However, apart from them, the designers have something to surprise fashion-seeking ladies.

Aristocat ballet flats will help you dive into the atmosphere of dreams and fairy tales. The designers provide a comfortable dressy splendor in black, white, or pink colors.

Presented in the bridal collection, satin shoes with a removable silk bow will be a demonstration of practical elegance.

Macaroni strap sandals are a versatile option for almost any outfit – jeans, sundresses, or even maxi dresses. Light and cheerful shoes in black or soft pink color allow you not to slow down in your activities and still look at your best.

The Mille-feuille silk ballet flats bring a bit of aristocratic postmodernism to the fashion world. The silk bows of the decor take the woman wearing this pair back in time to the Victorian era. But the most comfortable shoe is a tribute to modern fast rhythms, and it literally entices you to dance until dawn in a noisy club or at a friendly party. Among the color options are black, white, lavender, mint, and light pink.

Sandals, slippers, ballet flats – the range literally makes the eyes diverge. The designers successfully combine practicality, which is important for modern fashionistas, with elegance and a pinch of flirtation. And the result is always the same – a win-win element of an irresistible look.


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