Brandi Worley

Brandi Worley


Some events are devastating, and it is impossible for a person to believe in them because the concept is so horrifying that we pray that it might not be true. Brandi Worley is a mother from Montgomery County who has been in the news for quite some time. The story and the event for her being in the news are so horrifying that you will have to rethink the ideology of your life. Also, you might have to make sure that your paradigm is refreshed.

Nowadays, no one is going by the book. People are trying to make sure that they do everything in their power to achieve desired results. The old times of following the customs and traditions are gone. Now with every passing day, we are coming across new kinds of events that have never been heard of before. In this article, you will know all the details regarding Brandi Worley.

Who is Brandi Worley

Some people are known for their skills, and others are known for their careers and services. But a few are judged by the consequences of their actions. Brandi Worley is one of them. Now you might be wondering since she was a nobody, how come she became a part of the news in such a short time. So let us tell you that she is a mother who happened to kill her two children.

An overview of the case

Why her name is in the media

Even the thought of such an event is horrifying then how strong the nerves of the killer mother would be that made her go through this event. Thus, if we look at the available details, we will know that Brandi Worley killed two of her small children and was convicted for it too.

Why did she kill her children

Now you might be wondering why she had to pull such a stunt. Thus, if we look at the timeline, we will know that her husband was divorcing her. He relayed this detail a few days before this event took place. There is a lot of chatter that the father wanted to keep the children; therefore, she decided to kill them.

The response of the killer mother to the sentence

If we look at the details, we will come to know that this case was processed in court and took place in 2016 when all the details were brought in front of the court. The honorable judge decided that she would be sentenced to 120 years of prison for killing two small children. If we go through the details provided by a few media outlets, then we will come to know that the killer mother did not respond and listened to the sentence quietly.

The details of the children

The names of the late children

According to the available details, the names of the children were:

  1. Tyler Daniel Clinton Worley
  2. Charlee Rose Jean Worley

The age of the late children

According to the available detail, Tyler was four years older than Charlee. Tyler opened his eyes in this world in 2009. On the other hand, Charlee was born in 2013. Now you might be wondering about the fact that how old were both murdered children. So let us tell you that the elder one, Tyler was seven years old. Whereas if we talk about Younger one, Charlee, she was only three years old.

The academic profile of the late

Also, if we look at the academic profile of the late children, we will know that Tyler was enrolled in the Sugar Creek Elementary School in Montgomery county. He was promoted to grade one. On the other hand, the younger child Charlee was enrolled in the Wilson Early Learning Center’s Crawfordsville. At the time, she was attending the center as a toddler.

How did she murder the children

The murder weapon

To conduct a murder, you need a weapon that is capable of doing the job. Thus, if we look, we will come to know that the murderer mother went to Walmart under the false pretense and purchased a combat knife. She brought this knife home with her and took it to her son’s room.

The details of the stabbings

In the night, the husband went to sleep in the basement of the house, and the mother got the chance she was waiting for. Thus she went to her son and called him to his sister’s room, telling him they would be having a sleepover. Then she started stabbing his son Tyler. The girl was shocked, and when she realized it, she asked her mother what she was doing. So she later on, stabbed her daughter Charlee in the neck, and they both died.

The involvement of the authorities

The 911 call 

You might be wondering how come authorities came to know about this event. So let us tell you that the killer mother herself called the authorities and told them about the murders. The data helped us understand that her demeanor throughout the call was calm. When this detail was inquired about, she told that it was actually because of the excessive Benadryl she took to calm her nerves.

The 911 checked up with the grandmother

The 911 emergency center called the children’s grandmother or the mother of Brandi Worley. At first, she thought that the call was just a hoax or a bogus one. But later on, it was experienced that the call was true, and she found her grandchildren dead in the bed.

The reaction of the father

How did the father perceive the information

When the revelation was made to the children’s father at that moment, he was asleep in the house’s basement. But knowing it, he started showing and yelling at his wife. But Brandi Worley kept a calm demeanor, probably because she took too much drug. Thus she told her husband that now he could not take away her children.

The father’s reaction to the relationship life

The details help us understand that the couple had a hard relationship life. Also, the extramarital affair of Brandi Worley with the neighbor next door made her husband go for the option of divorce.

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The number of such sad events has increased in the past few years. Brandi Worley has opened the eyes of the world. Now certain policies must be put in place to reduce the chances of further tragic incidents.


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