The Top 3 NHL Goalie Position Rankings for the 2022-23 Season


If there is one position that gets significant attention on the ice, it’s the NHL. People simply pay attention, grief, and love to nhl odds today and the absolute team starters looking to take control of the day. The whole network of players has one unifying factor: they all play to bag a score for their teams. That said, this article ranks the top 3 best goalies to demonstrate where they stand on the ice.

Igor Shesterkin- New York Rangers

The New York Rangers boast a brilliant Russian netminder whose performance on the ice is significantly remarkable. Igor Shesterkin, who won the Vezina trophy and was voted third for the Hart Trophy as MVP, Shesterkin is one of the top players with some of the best goals saved above expectations of many in the NHL. He is nearly 6 goals higher than Andrei Vasilevskiy, who ranks in second place. Shesterkin also comes out massively decorated with an average of 30.6 shots in every game, coming in third in the NHL.

When it comes to output, there’s no reason to think Shesterkin will underperform. He is good enough to excel in any situation regardless of if the Rangers’ defence comes off a little easier or harder on him.

Andrei Vasilevskiy- Tampa Bay Lightning

One immense goalie to behold is one who has bagged the Stanley Cup twice in three seasons. That is what can be said of Andrei Vasilevskiy. Although the star’s performance in the last season wasn’t the usual cup people are used to drinking, nhl odds today are still accustomed to seeing him give an outstanding performance regardless. He is always busy on the field with 63 starts, a tie with Jacob Markstrom, shoutouts and 39 wins for the NHL. Ideally, Andrei Vasilevskiy has made it a habit to redefine goalies and own customary moments throughout his Tampa Bay career. With all of that, one can at least anticipate dominance this season.

Connor Hellebuyck-Winnipeg Jets

Despite facing more rubber than any other NHL goalie in the last season, Connor Hellebuyck cannot be faulted for Winnipeg missing the playoffs by 8 points. In one competition, the Michigan native faced 2,155 shots and made 1,962 saves in 66 starts. Connor Hellebuyck had an intensive percentage, but made it above the normal 16.7. Obviously, the massive shots he faced affected the outcome, but it’s something he saw coming from the word go. We know that the player is good on the ice and can carry the jets on his back again and again. However, Connor Hellebuyck will do alright with some good help on defense after facing the most shots in four straight seasons in the league.

With the above insight, all you’ve got to go by is nhl odds today, the performance of individual players on the ice and how they finished and impressed in the last season. It doesn’t matter if your favourite player has yet to make a highlight save, as long as their talent is sure and they are good at what they do.


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