Sex toys significantly improve our sexual experiences. Every sexual encounter tends to be better with sex toys. Incorporating sex toys into your sex life helps you fulfil your sexual fantasies, kink, and sexual pleasure. Whether you want to up your masturbation game or spice up your sex life with your partner, sex toys can make you both finish in glorious crescendo and writhe with pleasure. 

Today, several sex toys have been made to suit anybody’s preference. Dildos are one of the sex toys we have today that have existed since Ancient Greece. Yes! You read right. The question then is, what are dildos, and how can we use them to fulfil our sexual fantasies?

What Are Dildos? 

A dildo is a penetrative sex toy that can elevate any sexual experience, solo or partner. Although a dildo is meant for penetration, it can also be used in various ways. Dildos are phallic with a definite tip that resembles a human penis. They are made in different materials, shapes, sizes, circumferences, and lengths. In several ways, dildos can enhance human sexual experiences, including vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation, and anal penetration. 

Types of Dildos

Here are some types of dildos:

  1. Hard

Hard dildos are made of non-flexible materials, which are perfect for stimulating some specific areas, such as the A-Spot. These non-flexible materials could be glass, stainless steel, or crystal.

  1. Soft

Soft dildos are silicone, making them more flexible, squishy, or both.

  1. Representational

They are also known as realistic dildos and are made in the shape of a human penis. Some of the realistic dildos even have testicles. 

  1. Non-Representational

This type doesn’t have to resemble a human penis. It’s mostly round-shaped and resembles a kinky item.

  1. Vibrating

Vibrating dildos are made of silicone and include an inside bullet vibrator.

  1. Strap-on

This is a wearable dildo with a base to attach a harness.

How To Use Dildos to Fulfil Your Fantasy
  • Pick Fleshy Materials

Dildos made with platinum-cured silicone and medical-grade materials effectively fulfil your fantasies. This is because of their fleshy feel, which has realistic sensations and can help you experience different sensations. Silicone-based dildos are body-safe, especially in some sensitive spots. They are also compatible with varieties of lube-like water-based lubricants, which makes them very easy to clean and maintain.

  • Thorough Cleaning

It is both a right and responsibility to use personal pleasure products. This means you will need to understand how to maintain the collection. Storing your dildos in a can have dire implications and can also be dangerous to your body. You can clean your dildos with mild soap and water or put them in boiling water if they are silicone-based. It is essential to read the owner’s manual and follow the recommendations to get your money’s worth. 

  • Apply Lube

It is better to have a lot of lubes to add. Plenty of lubes will reduce the friction between your skin and the dildo. Applying lube will allow for smooth penetration and clitoral aid stimulation. Water-based lube is the best you can add because you always reapply it quickly, and it is generally safe for silicone toys. Water-based lube is suitable for every dildo, unlike silicone-based and oil-based lube, which get sticky and can damage your toys. If you are using glass or steel dildos, then silicone-based lube is a good option.

  • Try Foreplay Before Penetration

Like other sexual activities, foreplay can also enhance the pleasure of using a dildo. You can start teasing your body with the lubricated lube while touching other erogenous areas like the clitoris, nipples, and neck. Lightly caress your clitoris or anus with the tip of the dildo to get the vaginal or anus ready for penetration. This will enhance the blood flow to build arousal and increase sexual pleasure. Then, go for penetration, slowly.

  • Try Different Dildo Sex Positions

Dildos are as good for solo play as for partnered sex. Either way, you can bring your fantasies to reality with dildos by trying different dildo sex positions. Exploring different dildo sex positions to pleasure yourself or your partner can go a long way to give your sex life a much-needed refresh which can lead to self-satisfaction or bring a couple closer.

Welcome to the future, where you can choose what makes you feel good and do it more often. It’s a free world to be a freak in the sheets behind closed doors and live your best life. Explore your sexual desires with a dildo and make the most of it!


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