To say everyone won’t be such a stretch. The data on masturbation from different studies across different age groups worldwide has left us with a single conclusion – masturbation is a very common sexual activity. And while we are still in the business of disrupting previously held convictions, here is another: the sex drive is almost equal between males and females. 

The belief that men have a higher sex drive and libido than their female counterparts is another armchair theory. If that is the case, can we also conclude that masturbation, a common sexual activity among both sexes, is equally practised?

Do More Men Masturbate Than Women?  

Consistently, across the different scientific studies that have been conducted, the rate of masturbation is higher in males compared to their female counterparts. This might seem contradictory, considering that we have established that the sex drive between men and women is almost equal and there is a lot of free porn for women out there so that they can feel comfortable with a more story driven perspective.

If the sexual drive is similar, why do more men than women masturbate and among those who do, why do men do so more frequently? To answer this is to delve into the psychology of sex for men and women. It is to explore the sociocultural nuances of the sexuality of females as opposed to males. Of all the reasons posited for these variations, there are some rather exciting factors.

Reasons Why Men Masturbate More Than Women

  • Culture of Secrecy 

More studies have shown women’s unwillingness or general discomfort to discuss masturbation and, by extension, any question about their sexuality. There is a prevalent culture of silence, secrecy, and guilt around female masturbation. In some quarters, it’s perhaps a taboo never to be heard of. The secrecy and gatekeeping, of course, degenerate into the association of a feeling of guilt with what is supposed to be a most pleasurable act of self-satisfaction. 

  • They Start Later

The social attitude to female masturbation also means a difference in how the adolescent age group of both sexes perceives masturbation. Adolescence is that stage of exploration, trying out new things and discovering your sexuality. It is not unusual for adolescents to discover and delve into the world of self-pleasure. At similar stages, males and females stumble upon masturbation and start to engage in it; what is different is the reception each person gets. On the male part, it is considered a rite of passage and coming to manhood—a form of certainty and proof of his masculinity. 

  • Lack of Information 

Also, there is a barrage of information on how best to explore, tips and less stigmatisation for young men who are just starting to masturbate. For women, however, it is quite different as they are silenced as soon as they begin to ask questions. The likelihood of finding useful information is slim, and most young girls stop because they do not know how to pleasure themselves. The result, of course, is in the discrepancies we see. 

  • Purity Culture

The purity culture for females is another one. The woman is expected across most cultures to be chaste and modest. She is to be a passive participant in her own sexual life. To quietly receive what is handed to her with less need for exploration or actively seeking pleasure. The need to meet these societal expectations play a role in why fewer females masturbate and those who do, do so less frequently.

How Do We Get More Women to Masturbate and Embrace Their Sexuality?

So while men masturbate more, it has next to nothing to do with the sexual drive of the male population and everything to do with the sociocultural influences on female sexuality. Until the woman can fully evolve and accept her sexuality and be confident enough to explore and play an active role in her pleasure – the data on masturbation will continue to be skewed in favour of the male gender. 

Thankfully, there seem to be more innovative ways to enjoy oneself these days, and women are becoming more confident in their sexuality. From the onslaught of the market with naughty sex toys, hot steamy written erotica, verbal erotic and pornographic videos to the myriad of flavoured and better-improved lubricants, it has been a jolly ride. 

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