Top 3 common male fantasies you must fulfil.


Sexual fantasies are some spices that keep humans sexually interested in relationships and intimacies. If the idea of threesome sex has ever made you feel that tingling sensation below, then you must have secretly coveted having one. If that’s the case, then note that you are not alone. However, it is easier to keep your sexual fantasies to yourself instead of sharing them with friends or over a couple of truth and dare games, but what’s the fun?

Sharing your sexual fantasies with your partner allows you to bring them into reality. Who knows, you just might be thinking in the same light. On the other hand, if you feel you will be judged, or it doesn’t sit right with you to let it out, it’s your secret to keep until you are comfortable sharing. It is worth noting that sexual fantasies differ from person to person. While some have mild and reasonable sexual fantasies, others have very extreme sexual fantasies such that it’s awkward to discuss with the other person. Nonetheless, you should note that there’s nothing new under the sun. If your partner finds it easy to talk to you about their extreme sexual fantasies, it is because they find you trustworthy, and you shouldn’t betray that trust. 

If you, on the other end, think you don’t have sexual fantasies, it’s because you haven’t truly given it a rethink. So, take your time to meditate on what puts you on your toes sexually and see how the possibility of bringing it to reality would sound. Depending on what your sexual fantasies are, you could visit a reputable site and search for escorts near me to find the appropriate escort that could help you bring your fantasies into reality. 

Here are, however, some of the top common male sexual fantasies you might want to consider exploring with an escort

As mentioned above, if the thought of a threesome at any point has ever amused you, it’s one of your fantasies. Most men, however, have been said to have a thing for threesome or group sex. Hence, it has been a thing of honour for a man to be able to sexually satisfy more than two women in bed at a go. So, there’s no harm if you are urged to have sex with more than two ladies. All you need to do is visit an escort website, search for escorts near me, especially those interested in threesome or group sex, and order their services. You’ll be more than surprised at how much they are willing to do to satisfy you and make your fantasies a reality. 

  • BDSM sex:

We all have that freaky nature embedded deep down inside. You are freaky and would love to get dirty and nasty in bed. If this sounds like you, you should explore BDSM sex. Peradventure, you are the type that loves to call the shot while having sex, or you love to receive extreme pleasure, or you want to experience such excruciating sex. BDSM is what you need.

This sexual fantasy has, over the years, become one of the most sought-after types of sex, even on adult porn sites. Sex is great, but BDSM is even better. It is a form of extreme sex that comes with pleasure and pain, depending on which one you’d love to explore. You could have an escort come over to give you the best BDSM sex you could imagine. Sex is best enjoyed when you have a partner that understands the sexual know-how. One of the best means of ensuring this fantasy is served the best means possible is by adopting the services of escorts. 

  • Sex in public places:

One of the main reasons why sex gets more interesting is when there’s a taboo attached to it. Incest remains one of the most practised forms of sex, not because it’s entirely different from the usual sex, but because the world tagged it a taboo. There’s no harm in breaking one or two rules, so giving it a shot seems the best. 

Similarly, incest is having sex in public places. You need to have sex, and be mindful that people not noticing make it even more interesting and fun. Imagine having a quickie on public transport or a train when practically everybody will be watching. If this interests you in any form, choosing an escort to explore this fantasy with will be one of the most appropriate decisions you will ever make. Make the booking now.


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