4 Best Punch In And Out Apps For Growing Businesses


If your business started expanding in the last couple of months, time management might have become a nightmare for both you and your managers. Luckily, by using a work time clock, you can make time and attendance management a breeze, and more importantly, you can automate your payroll system so that you ensure that you pay your employees correctly. If you’re thinking about using such apps, here are the top four that you could opt for:

1. “Homebase”

The first app that you could choose to try is Homebase, an app that’ll allow you to see when your workers arrive at their shifts, whether or not they’re late, and you’ll also be capable of seeing if someone skips their mandatory breaks or if they stay overtime. There is a free demo version that you could try and that supports an unlimited number of employees and with the premium version, you’ll get additional features such as scheduling and messaging.

2. “ActiTime”

Next is a work time clock that won’t only allow you to track when your workers arrive at the office, but it’ll also allow you to see the availability during a shift. By using it, you’ll see how much time an employee or several of them spend on different tasks and you’ll also be capable of seeing their productivity, which can cut costs quite a lot. It comes in a free and premium version, and depending on your needs, you can opt for either.

3. “Buddy Punch”

If you’re looking for a punch in and out app that’ll help you track your employees working hours, but also one that’ll allow you to make payroll simple and easy, you should definitely opt for using this particular work time clock. The difference between this app and the other ones that we’ve mentioned is that it can also track remote workers, hence if you currently have a few that are working from abroad or their homes, this app is for you. You can try out the free version, but there is also a premium one that comes with extra features.

4. “Clock It”

The last app that you could try will allow your workers to punch in once they arrive at the office from a device that has been approved by a manager. Hence, it’ll allow your managers to monitor and analyze the attendance of your staff members in real time. This software can be used on computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and it also has an unlimited users feature, thus, even if your business continues growing, you could still utilize it for your needs.


Any work time clock application or software will help you manage the attendance of your employees, however, the ones we’ve mentioned above are some of the top ones you can opt for implementing within your organization. With such tools, you won’t only be able to track the hours your workers spend at the office, but you can also make payroll management easy, which is something that’ll save you a lot of time, as well as money.


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