9 Craziest Vaporizers, E-Cigs, and Mods


As fashion choices become more extreme, so do vape devices. Because vaping is now more acceptable than smoking, manufacturers constantly look for new ways to make vape devices more modern.

Numerous innovative designs are quickly being sold out in vape stores, and the need to catch up to what is trendy increases. A vape pod or vaporizer not only needs to be appealing but multifunctional as well. 

Today, you can find vape devices for every occasion. From wooden to leather and acrylics, vape devices are going through a revolution. If you want to renew your vape collection, take a look at the following crazy vaporizers, e-cigs, and vape mods!

9 Nutty Choices

Let’s take a look at some of the wackiest vaporizers, mods, and e-cigarettes that took 2022 by storm! Every item is easily located on the web, so you can find all these if you visit a quality vaping store online.

Vaporesso Small E-cig

This pocket-sized vape pen is adored by many because of its practical stature. You can fit it almost everywhere, from jean pockets to envelope purses. Other reasons why the Vaporesso is popular include the refillable cartridges. Although the vape pen comes with its vape juice, you can add your e-liquid whenever you finish. 

The Vaporesso is excellent if you are looking for vapes suitable for cloud chasing, vapor tricks, etc. It’s also very simple to use and is available in a range of 9 colors. The only downside is the plastic case. 

Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer 

If you are the type of person who appreciates a large vaporizer with longer battery life, then the Bickel Mighty + is just for you. The vaporizer is designed to look like a nuclear reactor – in size and weight.

It is 14 cm tall and 8 cm wide, and it’s maybe the priciest on our list. A single flame from this vaporizer gives flavorful hits and is very easy to light up. The only downside is that this vaporizer belongs in a more oversized purse rather than a pocket. 

Firefly 2 Vaporizer 

The Firefly 2 was created by former Apple employee Mark Wiliams, so it’s no wonder this elegant herb vaporizer looks more like updated technology than a vape. It has a beautiful, sleek design and multiple features. 

The structure is made of borosilicate glass and comes with a dry herb bowl that can burn concentrates and herbs. The Firefly can be activated through a touch sensor and has a dynamic convection heating tech. The device requires regular cleanups if you want it to last. 

Hexa Pro Vape 

If you are a former cigarette smoker that switched to vaping, you will love the Hexa Pro vape pen. This vape produces an extreme cigarette-style throat hit and has a larger battery capacity, meaning it does not need constant charging. 

If you need to fill the battery, you’d be happy to know it’s extremely fast charging. Hexa Pro is straightforward to use because of its compact design. The e-liquids are pre-filled, which means the vape pen is disposable and non-refillable.

Smok Nord 2 Vape

One of the top-chosen vape mods for 2022 is the Smok Nord 2. This is due to the mod’s incredible design and compact structure. The 1500 mAh battery is super long-lasting and has an increased wattage reaching up to 40W. 

The Smok Nord is compatible with lower-resistance coils, producing thicker vapor clouds. The most beloved thing about the Smok Nord is the comfortable, sleek mouthpiece. 

Elaf iStick Power 2 

The best vape mod for MTL vaping is the Elaf iStick Power 2. The Elaf has the best battery power on our list, measuring up to an impressive 5000 mAh. This means the battery can last for days. 

The Elaf iStick has the most excellent design, including leather, plastic, and wood. Besides great aesthetics, the Elaf has an intelligent mode, which makes it one of the most accessible vape mods to use, producing a modern experience. Customers also admire Elaf’s excellent taste. 

Innokin Adept Zlide Mod

The Innokin Adept Zlide mod brings new meaning to the word chunky. The Innokin is the best device for any vaping beginner. The 3000 mAh battery is pretty long-lasting, and it’s better than most entry-level mods offer.

It’s powered on by switching the coils, and you can tweak the airflow settings. Vapers can decide whether their vape is more restricted or loose. If you set it open, you will get more dense vapor clouds. The construction is tough and waterproof, and its auto-coil is pretty easy to use. 

Voopoo Drag S Pod 

This stylish vape mod is made of combined leather and metal, aimed at a comfortable hold. Besides the stunning aesthetics, the Voopoo Drag has a 2500 mAh battery. This battery can produce either 60W or 80W of power and can be replaced or recharged with a USB cable. 

There is plenty of power for full vapor clouds, and the design is almost entirely unscratchable. 

Hydrologyogy 9 

The best-looking vape device on our list is Hydrology 9. The device resembles more a space object than a vape device and has revolutionary features. 

The vapor produced by the Hydrology 9 is fresh and cool because it has a water chamber built into the body. Besides, the futuristic design allows no leakage. 

The Hydrology 9 is super easy to use and has a full-powered battery of 2000 mAh. Make sure you first charge it for a total of three hours and enjoy your vaping session

Conclusion: Craziest Vape Products 

Vape devices are becoming crazier by the day, and there is something for everyone. Hydrology is the top pick if you want cooled, cold vapor clouds. 

But if you want a cool-looking, large vaporizer, go for the Bickel Mighty. And if you want a device that would last you for a whole day, maybe even more, check the Elaif iStick Power 2.

Make sure your chosen product matches your likes, personality, and style. Only that way can you be happy with the vape decision! 


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