What is the Difference Between Love and Like

What is the Difference Between Love and Like

What is the difference between love and like? People have composed songs and penned stories for centuries about emotions.

The whimsical feeling and its essence have always remained elusive. Philosophers have had extensive debates on the nature of fondness. People wonder what exactly love is even today.

It is a unique sensation that isn’t quite like the other. What is the difference between love and like? The question has been popular for a long time.

Most people have experienced feelings at some point in their lives. Fondness comes in different forms and can be found in different people.

But what is the difference between the two emotions? Are the two same? Or is there any difference? And if there are any differences, what do they look like?

You will find the answers to questions like this and more as you read on! Emotions is a fascinating topic that you will find interesting to learn about!

So, find out about what is the difference between these two emotions!

What is the difference between like and love?

What is the difference between like and love? Some might say that like is an emotion that indicates the start of an infatuation. Like is not something serious.

It can be different for different people, but mostly, liking someone means you find them attractive in some way. Liking might mean fondness, but it is not necessarily very strong.

That is not to say that liking someone is terrible. You can still confess your attraction to someone and tell them that you like them. The validity of your emotion will remain valid.

But pure emotions of love are generally more romantic and intense. Usually, people use ‘like’ to refer to something they find exciting or someone they find attractive.

But just because you like a particular person, you will not move in with them immediately. That is the same case here.

You might like someone without ever loving them, but you must like them first to grow a stronger attachment.

Arguably, the difference lies in the stage of attraction to a person. Now this attraction can either be romantic or platonic.

You like your friends, and you can like your romantic partners. The same goes for love.

How do you differentiate between like and love?

Love is a fierce and whimsical feeling. Emotion has several definitions, and none seems enough.

There is always something missing. Love has been the bane and boon of artists across all genres and mediums.

So, it is not an easy task to define emotions so categorically. Some things are different when you look at them in a certain way, but other times, they might not seem very different.

The two emotions in concern are somewhat like tracing points on a slope. Some people seem to like the first stage of something intense.

Love is almost akin to the mature form of an emotion that is inexplicable. You might like an object but love something else entirely.

If you experience romance, you will know this feeling when it comes to people. Meeting someone and then learning and liking them is pretty standard.

But when do you fall for them? You don’t love everyone equally and instantly. Some people might argue that it takes time, but like doesn’t.

What is the Difference Between Love and Like

How to understand these emotions?

So many people use these emotions in their life so much! But hardly anyone stands to think about the feelings and what they mean.

Love is something that is like a bond. Two or more people can feel the same thing for another in any capacity. To feel so strongly is to grow and become the best possible version of yourselves.

Loving is sometimes complicated and requires much work from the people involved. Love comes in many shapes and forms.

You won’t find only one iteration of love throughout the world. Yet there is something vastly universal about this feeling.

It is a magical experience where you get to learn about a human being intimate. It doesn’t always have to be romantic. Platonic feelings are also considered love, but differently.

But every iteration of these emotions more or less demands the people involved to be present and active. Passivity has no place in love.

You always have to move and change when you love someone. The reverse is also, too.

When a person loves you, both of you decide to engage in an informed journey where the destination might not be clear. What is clear is the feel of the emotion.

Understanding emotions deeply

What is the difference between love and like? Liking something means that you find it pleasing. The same goes for a person.

If you say you like a person romantically, you see them as pleasing for any reason.

Loving someone requires more commitment and a level of maturity that might not come with professing your liking for someone.

To love someone means you see that person; you get to understand the person at a fundamental level.

It is not only the good things you feel about them but also the unattractive parts. You don’t always compromise with them but agree to change together constantly.

Love takes time, and it takes responsibility. Loving is not a frivolous feeling. No single individual is perfect.

No matter how dreamy and perfect your crush may seem to you, they are not an ideal individual.

But when you love someone, you don’t ignore the bad parts and cling to an imagined aspect of theirs. You love them wholly, or you don’t love them at all.

There is no halfway work when it comes to love. Love is a serious commitment, so if you are wondering about the difference between love and like, this is it!

Liking and what it is

Sometimes, liking means you find them pleasing. It might involve you agreeing with whatever they say and accepting all of their opinions.

This happens because you are still at that initial stage where everything is reverential. You don’t want to make them upset or let them think that you think they are wrong.

This might be a sign of infatuation. Liking can also involve some child-like excitement and novelty in the experience.

You might find them pleasing on the surface level.

Or you might not yet know that person completely. The circumstance will differ according to the individual. The sensations of passion and the first attraction will remain the same.

Liking someone doesn’t mean that you’ve promised yourself to them. It only means that out of many people, that person holds your interest.

While you can like any number of people, loving usually is more reserved. Liking doesn’t usually involve any serious conversations like marriage or commitment.

To like someone means you are taking an interest in them romantically. Platonically, you can love your friends, family, and furry friends!

This answers, ‘what is the difference between love and like?’

What is the Difference Between Love and Like

Love and what it is like

Some people say love is the best feeling you will ever experience. It can hold different meanings for different people.

To some, they have experienced love as pain and difficulty. At the same time, some associate positive and lovely things to love.

Love can be another for all, and it will not be precisely the same for everyone. The elusive emotion is hard to catch and difficult to hold on to.

Many people had tried and failed when they wanted to keep it forcefully. Love is a free thing that comes and goes as it pleases. It is wonderfully temporary and soft.

You will feel the gentlest of brushes and caress of someone who nurtures you. That is what being in love feels likes. It is not just softness, however.

You can feel other passionate emotions while you’re in love.

Only those people who have ever loved anyone will know how it feels. Words fail to capture their beauty. So, this is what love is.

Emotions of Friendship

Love is the basis of friendship, just as friendship is the foundation of love. Both are two sides of the same coin.

Many people who are confused about feeling romantic about their friends, or asexual and aromantic or demisexual people, will relate to this confusion too.

A beautiful friendship is something hard to get. You can only hope for people who understand you and feel for you genuinely for who you are.

But when you find people like that and become close friends, the boundaries between love and friendship might feel fluid.

Friendship is a powerful emotion even if you don’t always act on your feelings or if there is no sexual attraction.

There are so many movies and songs and stories about friendship. It might be the next most popular thing after love. People love to talk about friendship, but when is friendship love?

This is a tricky question for many people. For some, the lines between love and friendship are clear, but it is not the case for everyone. So how to understand?

Love will usually feel more robust with different feelings like desire and a degree of possessiveness. Friendship is arguably the purest form of feelings.

Emotions of Relationship

The relationship is a tricky thing to solve. Not all relationships are the best, nor are they meant to last. Relationships here mean romantic relationships.

When you are confident that you are indeed in love with a particular person, then comes the question of what to do with that.

If the person you love also feels the same for you, the easiest and the most challenging thing you can do is get into a relationship. But the relationship takes work and dedication.

It doesn’t just happen one fine morning. You have to actively work on keeping the love healthy and fit.

Like in any other relationship, in love, you have to think not just about yourself but also about the other person.

You will have to maintain your individuality while also acting like a collective. Being in a relationship can seem easier with specific partners, while that may not be true for others.

There is an ideal version of love that people feed to young people from a young age. It talks about finding one perfect person and then loving them unconditionally.

But that is not how it works. The emotion isn’t perfect neither are people.

The best you can do is hope you have chosen the person who will change and grow in tandem with you and not against you.

What is the Difference Between Love and Like

Final thoughts

Still wondering about what is the difference between love and like. It is okay. The distinctions between these emotions are not very easy to parse out.

They are intertwined in specific ways that make detangling them difficult. You can completely separate the two sentiments from one another rigidly.

The two emotions will bleed into one another and continue to exist as separate entities. You can see love as the mature version of like. Like is the rudimentary step.

Everyone has to take it to reach their destination. The feeling comes in different ways to different people. Sometimes it is quick and intense, and it burns out quickly.

Sometimes love is simmering and deep, and you might take a while to realize it is even there. Other times it is like a beautiful friendship at the cusp of spring.

Poets, writers, and musicians have tried to capture the essence of such emotions in so many ways.

And yet, you will find that how you experience such strong emotions differs from others. There is no objective, wrong, or right kind of love. But it has specific tonalities.

Liking is more exploratory and fun! Now you know a little about the difference between the two!


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