How to Get Your Music on Vevo: The 4 Benefits of Using This Platform


Streaming platforms are a dime a dozen these days. And for artists looking to promote and monetize their music videos, it can be hard to know where to start. There are several major places that most experts in the industry would recommend getting your media uploaded to. These include YouTube, Vimeo, and Vevo. Vevo is a unique platform that focuses on music videos and presents opportunities for both professional image and promotional opportunities. 

Like many platforms requiring users to pay a subscription, artists often need a distributor to upload their content to these platforms. In this case, artists need to explore music video distributors who deliver video content to exclusive streaming marketplaces like Vevo. You might be wondering what the benefits of using Vevo are and how they differ from using something like YouTube. Let’s explore some of those benefits along with how to gain access to Vevo in the first place. 

How to Gain Access 

Gaining access to Vevo and similar platforms is relatively easy, but there are a few necessary steps to take along the way. The first is to conceptualize, shoot and edit your video into its final form. From there, it would be a good idea to explore the different options available regarding music video distributors. A music video distributor delivers video content to all available marketplaces. Remember that not all distributors will have access to all streaming platforms, so it’s best to choose one with the most all-in-one features. Vevo may be a goal for now, but it only benefits a project’s promotional capabilities to have access to a wide range of streaming services in addition to Vevo. 

Only for Music Videos 

Vevo is different from other video streaming services in that they focus solely on music videos rather than broad video content; this means that users are visiting the platform for the exclusive purpose of watching and keeping up with new music videos. Because of this, there is a built-in fan base when it comes to Vevo. Remember that how much your video gets seen ultimately depends on how you market and advertise. But Vevo gives artists a stamp of credibility that they might not gain from using YouTube alone to host their video content. 

Better Quality Videos 

Vevo also offers higher quality video and audio quality, which adds to the professional look of a band or artist. YouTube quality is fairly standard and works fine for most things, but Vevo offers quality up to 4k and near-lossless audio quality. Using music video distributors to deliver your video content to high-quality streaming sites is highly beneficial. Music video distributors will also give you access to music streaming platforms that host videos, such as Apple Music or Tidal. 

Higher Monetization 

Vevo has a higher payout rate than YouTube, meaning that artists can monetize their work to a higher degree. Especially if they opt to publish on both platforms, this amount is marginal, as with most streaming platforms, but even fractions of a cent make a difference when an artist is trying to blow a music video up. Those streams translate into money, and more importantly, they translate into exposure; the more exposure, the more streams. It’s something of a feedback loop artists play with their audiences, and it can be a recipe for success when done the right way.  

Verified Account 

The biggest perk of using a music video distributor to gain access to Vevo and other platforms is the access gained to a verified account. When users upload to YouTube manually, the process of getting an artist account verified is more arduous. With a distributor, artists can gain access to their account after their video is published and increase their legitimacy with a verified stamp on their video page. This goes a long way when promoting and sharing your work with potential agents, venues, or promotional opportunities. 


The process of getting on Vevo is relatively simple; it just requires an artist to sign up for a yearly subscription with a music video distributor to upload as many music videos as they like. From there, artists can begin to reap the benefits of having a verified account on Vevo. Vevo’s biggest and most unique perk is its exclusivity to music videos.

Other video streaming platforms host all kinds of content, including music videos. But subscribers to Vevo visit just to watch music videos with the highest audio and video quality. This is great for promotional materials and can go a long way to legitimize an artist’s professional image. Vevo is a great platform to boost an artist’s career. It all comes down to your marketing strategy and overall online presence.


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