How To Decorate Your Home In Steampunk Style 


As you decorate your home, you must first decide what theme to choose. While you could choose from plenty of designs—such as industrial, minimalist, classic, contemporary, or Bohemian—you might want to consider going in a different direction and allowing yours to be unique. With plenty of crazy interior designs, you might consider going for a steampunk style.   A steampunk style is a design inspired by the Victorian era mixed with industrialism. This focuses on the darkness and boldness, making everything look extra artistic, with a hint of punk. To help you achieve your steampunk-themed home, below are some tips to decorate it:  

  • Maximize The Use Of Metals 

When you think of steampunk style, the first thing that must come to mind is using as much metal as possible. This involves furniture, wall decorations, ceiling accents, and anything you can find inside your home. 

To make it look more well-put-together and organized, you should consider using iron designs as they help to achieve the Victorian gothic look, which would be perfect for your home’s interior. As you commit to iron designs, you must ensure that you create the perfect balance of metal and other materials inside your home. However, going all metal might not help achieve a steampunk style, as there’s no cushioning. It’s still a subtle Victorian era, after all.   

  • Keep Your Bricks Exposed

The steampunk era heavily features industrial, steam-powered machinery. With its archaic period, flaunting your exposed bricks can help to emphasize this era and make them look more natural. 

While covering up your bricks and providing them with a smoother finish is pretty tempting, exposing them can help you achieve the steampunk style better. You might be surprised that some even use wallpaper with brick designs to achieve this look. If your home already has one, flaunt its beauty proudly.   

  • Use Sepia Color Scheme 

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of steampunk style would probably be a mix of all dark colors, such as black and purple. While their presence is widely popular in steampunk designs, it’s not all dark as it involves the sepia color scheme with a bit darker hue.

With this theme, it would be best to avoid bright or loud colors as everything needs to be muted and blend perfectly. Ideally, you should only use orange, brass, brown, gray, cream, black, dark purple, grayish blue, and a small hint of cream to add a bit of light. With the focus on warm and darker hues, you should be able to achieve a full steampunk style for your home.  

  • Maximize Decorations 

The steampunk style is known for its loud and proud decorations. The colors and decorations should be utilized well, allowing everything to look organized rather than cluttered. To achieve a successful steampunk theme, ensure that you surround your entire home with plenty of decorations that match well with your theme. You can use a mechanical clock, a telescope, grand piano, a globe, or even some old and traditional books. With the right mix and proportion of sizes, you should be able to help make your room look complete and well-decorated right down to the last inch.   

  • Use Classical Lighting 

Lighting choices play an essential role in any interior design. However, if you’d like to proceed with a steampunk style, you need to be extra careful with your lighting choices, as it can make or break your entire home. With this theme, you need to provide classical and old-fashioned lighting such as a grand chandelier, wall sconce, or anything that uses black or brass as its entire case. With the right tone, shape, and position, you should allow your room to scream steampunk and let your lighting stand as a decoration. Moreover, it’ll be best if you could use warm white instead of bright ones to help further warm up the mood.   

  • Incorporate Leather 

A steampunk style would never be complete without any leathers as your accent. To help modernize your steampunk style, you might consider incorporating leather into your furniture to give it an updated and softer touch. In most cases, you can switch to a leather sofa or use a coffee table that allows you to add leather material over it. You can use ottomans with some black or bronze accents to help deliver a steampunk mood. Ensure that it cooperates well with your sofa and carpet for a seamless finish. Moreover, you should provide extra care for your leather seats as they’re prone to wear and tear. Thus, proper maintenance should be observed to preserve its neat condition.   

  • Shop Thrifty 

One of the best reasons why people love the steampunk style is because it allows them to shop at thrift stores and further enhances their room. Since this style prioritizes older times, you can shop at stores that sell them for a lower price. You can use it for your decorations or furniture, allowing your entire room to look authentic without spending too much. But of course, you can always buy brand new items, given that they’re Victorian style, so they can help to complement your room well.  

  • Include Plenty Of Wall Art 

In light of your decorations, adding as much wall art as possible is one thing you should never miss when implementing a steampunk style. As you take your room back to the Victorian era, you know how much they adore oil-based paintings as they hang them up on their walls and leave no space behind. To allow your room to look more authentic and creative, you should fill your wall with wall art as much as possible. You can begin with the classic oil paintings and add some wall accents that use black or brass tones. For your paintings, ensure that you use sepia tones and avoid adding colors to help them blend into your room seamlessly.

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Decorating your home in steampunk style can be challenging, as there are plenty of things you need to add inside your room. But as you learn the correct way of incorporating different types of texture and color, you should be able to achieve an authentic look. While the process might be a bit hard as you need to shop for various stores, seeing the completed work would make everything worth it.  




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