Vanessa Bryant weight gain

Vanessa Bryant weight gain


Society will always find something to drag you down no matter how good you are. Thus, if we dive into the details, we will know that Vanessa Bryant weight gain is the hot topic in town. Such events have already taken place in the past where the celebrities have been body shamed, and this has completely destroyed them, lowering their morale and criticizing them on every front.

The fans do not seem to stop, and this change is questioned on almost every platform. This is why most celebrities now tend to hide from their fans to ensure they do not stand obligated to answer their queries.

The physical profile is something that no person should address negatively. There might be many reasons for the physical change in a person. Therefore it would not be right if you make wrongful decisions. In this article, we have collected all the relative information regarding Vanessa Bryant weight gain.

An introduction with Vanessa Bryant

Although we are witnessing the name Vanessa Bryant making quite a noise on the internet, who is this person in reality. So if we go through the details, we will know that she is none other than the wife of the famed Kobe Bryant. Her husband is none other than the world-famous NBA player. If we look at her profile, we will come to know that her complete name is Vanessa Cornejo Urbieta.

An introduction with Vanessa Bryant

Who is Vanessa Bryant

The details help us understand that although she is known for being the wife of the late basketball star Kobe Bryant, this is not all about her. In fact she is also a famous American model, a successful businesswoman, a profound television personality, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur too. Thus we can surely say that her profile seemingly has more badges than the public is aware of.

Vanessa Bryant weight gain

Recently the name Vanessa Bryant started making some noise, and we must discuss the reason. If we categorize the event, we will know that it would be nothing other than body shaming. It was actually an all-star game, and Vanessa Bryant also became a part of the game. And at the end, the services of her husband were also recognized. But not all of these positive factors got the public’s attention. In fact, they noticed the famed wife’s increased weight.

Vanessa Bryant weight gain

The rumors and allegations

Vanessa Bryant has surely put on some weight, but this is not a big deal, but the fans and netzines do not think so. Since that moment, they had started trolling the famed icon. Although they have been body-shaming her. Now, the matter is getting out of hand. Because this time, the famed wife was thought to be pregnant. Also, she was accused of bearing the child of Chris Paul. These are some harsh words that surely can destroy the integrity of any person.

The event details

If we look at the event, we will come to know that to honor her late husband and the famed basketball player and his daughter, the NBA decided to offer an award every year so that their names are not erased from their memories. At the event, we can see that Vanessa Bryant was well dressed in a black coat and similar decent dressing. But still, the fans could point out the famed wife’s increased weight. Since that moment, her weight has been a trending topic on the internet.

Two ideologies

The haters

If we look at this matter, we will come to know that there are two different sides to the story. The people are addressing this matter in two different ways. First of all, they are going for the body shaming and accusing her of having the child of veteran player Chris Paul. This is not all.

The supporters

There is another group of the public that thinks completely opposite. These are the people who have been defending the famed wife. They are relaying the message that the widow of the famed player has been passing through a difficult time in her life; therefore, going for such rumors and under-the-belt moves might not be a wise choice.

The personal life

Since we have taken a look at the event, it is important that we take a look at the life details of the famed widow closely. Thus, if we go through the details, we will know that she was born on 5th May 1982. Thus we can say that she is 40 years old as of today.

Birthplace and residential address

You might be surprised by her looks became she is too gorgeous for someone who’s at the start of her forties. The details tell us that her place of birth is Huntington Beach, California, USA. But this is not the current residential address of Vanessa Bryant. In fact, right now, she is living in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The perfect looks

The gorgeous and stunning star wife surely has the physical appearance that has the quality to blow your mind. You must study her physical details thoroughly. At the end of the day, you will surely come to know that the late star made the wisest decision by marrying her because no other woman in the world can compete with her beauty and elegance.

Height and weight

If we start with the height of the famed widow, then it is marked as 5 feet and 6 inches. Also, if we switch the scales, it can also be mentioned as 167 cm. Also, if we talk about her body weight, then according to the available information, it is 60 Kg or, in other words, 132 pounds.

The net worth value

What will blow your mind is the financial details of the famed widow. Because according to the approximations of the researchers, the net worth value of the famed wife is marked between $500 to $550 million. We are still waiting for exact figures from Vanessa Bryant herself.

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Vanessa Bryant weight gain and body shaming event trended until people started showing anger towards the body shamers, and a group of netizens tried to do moral policing to keep people away from such news. We hope that soon this matter will witness its end.


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