Understanding the debunked myths and prevention of the varicose vein


Maintaining healthy skin has always been a dream for the majority of individuals. However, some conditions may undermine skin wellness, thus interfering with an individual’s attractiveness and appearance. Some conditions may be common to specific body parts such as legs. These conditions may be more than just a cosmetic issue due to the possible complications they can cause, especially when left untreated. For example, the development of purple and blue blood vessels in the leg indicates varicose veins Bakersfield. The following are crucial things worth understanding about this condition.

Myths concerning the varicose vein

The popularity of this condition nowadays has led to some of the following misconceptions;

It is unavoidable when aging

Many people believe that every person will develop this condition, especially growing older. However, aging is just a risk factor and does not imply that everyone will get varicose at a particular age.

You can get the condition after crossing your legs

The varicose vein cannot occur when individuals cross their legs. Notably, this exercise exerts little pressure on the veins and cannot destroy them.

Pregnancy cause permanent varicose vein

When women are pregnant, the volume of blood in their bodies increases. This instance can enlarge the veins on the leg’s lower part, leading to varicose veins. However, the size of the veins is restored after delivery, implying that the condition is only temporary.

The treatment of this condition is painful

Many people with the varicose vein are afraid of undergoing the treatment, claiming that the procedures involve stripping the veins. However, the advancement of new technology has led to the discovery of less invasive treatment options which are less painful.

This condition only affects women

Women are more vulnerable to the varicose vein due to the hormonal changes that may alter the veins’ size. However, men can also develop this condition, especially ones with weak immune systems.

Prevention of the varicose vein

The following are some healthcare tips necessary to prevent and minimize the severity of this condition;

  •         Regular exercises: Engage in a disciplined exercise program to improve blood circulation in the lower leg, thus reducing the likelihood of vein dysfunction.
  •         Establish good posture: practice a proper posture while sitting that boost the proper flow of blood in your legs. Avoid crossing your legs for a long time.
  •         Avoid smoking: Increased blood pressure is one of the causes of varicose veins. Stop smoking to reduce the chances of high blood pressure.
  •         Eat a proper diet: some meals, such as processed food, can lead to the body’s buildup of fat, resulting in weight gain. Individuals with heavy weight are more likely to have a varicose vein. Replace the processed food with vegetables and fruits.
  •         Compression: If you notice the early signs of the varicose vein, such as an unsightly protruding vein in your leg, wear the compression hose. Adjust the compression products depending on your comfortable size.

Many people have been experiencing protruding purple veins in their legs. This condition can hinder individuals’ attractiveness and lower their self-esteem. Are you a victim of the varicose vein? Heart Vascular and Leg Center in Bakersfield has been established to address the needs of people like you. Vinod Kumar, MD, and a team of specialists use their vast experience to offer various varicose vein treatments. Book an appointment today to mark the end of discomforts.


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