Tips for LGBT Travellers


Nowadays, globalization tendencies open the entire world for travelling and vacations. But the social norms and customs are different around the world. If you are a part of the LGBT society, it’s essential to do thorough research before travelling abroad. It’s horrible, but several countries still have the death penalty for same-sex relationships.

Of course, the UK is a civilized country, and you shouldn’t expect something horrible, but you still need some recommendations to make your trip pleasant and the experience smooth and seamless. We are sure that you’ll like this LGBT-friendly country.

General Information

Great Britain is one of the most welcoming places for LGBT travellers. It has multiple active places for gays and lesbians, and it’s safe to be open about your sexual identity. In most cases, the level of acceptance is extremely high. But you should understand that the situation in small towns and villages can differ from the capitals.

You can find specialized clubs, bars, and restaurants in all cities in the United Kingdom. So, if you want to spend clubbing vacations, it’s better to choose one of the capitals and big cities. Rural England is neutral, and you can have a wonderful time, but don’t expect wild parties.

Interesting LGBT Destinations in the UK

If you are planning to visit this wonderful country, you need to choose a city or region you are going to. Plan in advance and make a list of attractions you want to visit. Some of them require buying tickets within months before the event. It’s a pity to miss the party just because you didn’t take care of it in time.


Obviously, the capital of Great Britain offers the best attractions for LGBT travellers. The city has multiple places where trans women, gays, and lesbians can have fun and relax. You can check the schedule of events on the specialized resources. The city also has many LGBT-oriented stores and facilities. You can also book a special tour.

Of course, you can visit famous museums and monuments. The acceptance among locals is exceptionally high, and you don’t have to worry.


The second largest city in the UK is an interesting destination for LGBT travellers. You may be interested in taking part in a two-day LGBT festival or gay club nights. The city itself is fascinating. The architecture is stunning and definitely worth exploring.


We can’t forget about the gay capital of the Kingdom. You’ll find the LGBT activity near Queen Street and Dickson Road, but the classical attractions of this city are also worth visiting. Opera House has wonderful performances all year round. We recommend enjoying the breathtaking view from Blackpool Tower. It’s extremely romantic and beautiful. The city is famous for its restaurants and amusement parks with roller coasters and attractions for visitors of all ages.

Other cities are also worth seeing. The United Kingdom is a wonderful country, and you’ll fall in love with it at first sight. Careful planning is a guarantee of amazing experience and the absence of problems. Great Britain welcomes LGBT travellers and provides all necessary for the perfect vacation.


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