Explore the Best Amusement Park in Cancun


Are you looking for the best amusement park in Cancun? Well, you just found it, Ventura park has for you different attractions for you to have fun with your loved ones until nightfall.

It’s time to set aside a day to see what you can do for a really low cost. Here you can come with your little ones and your friends, so there is no excuse to miss the opportunity.

Get comfortable and discover what it has for you:

Best amusement park in Cancun

The first thing you need to know is that Ventura Park is the best amusement park in Cancun, offering fun for everyone, from the little ones to our grandparents.

For this reason, you have the possibility to come with your whole family. Best of all, it divides its attractions into different worlds so you can spend your day as you deserve.

Wet´n Wild

Wet’n Wild is part of Ventura Park and is one of the reasons why it is one of the best amusement park in Cancun.

It is a water park that has different slides and other water attractions unique in the city.

There are more than 6 different slides with special features and more or less height for everyone to choose their favorite.

Best of all, the little ones have their own safe area called Kid’s Park, a place made for children where they can have fun without the need for adult supervision.

Fun World

In second place, we have the Fun World, which offers you some of the most amazing amusement park in Cancun to have a special summer.

Here you will find a roller coaster, games for kids and a carousel to have fun until the end of the afternoon.

It is important to note that being a roller coaster, the minimum height is 1:30 mts, children under 7 years old must be supervised by their parents and bathing suits are completely forbidden.

It also has a children’s play area where they can demonstrate all their skills.

Aaah! Ventura

How many times in your childhood did you see the Tarzan movie? Well now you can make some of your wildest dreams come true thanks to the only zip lines in Cancun’s hotel zone. What are you waiting for to take a look?

Discover how brave you are with heights with its hanging bridges, ladders that rise more than 20 meters above the ground.

Here you will find the different attractions:

  1. River Zip Line: Two zip lines will give you a ride up to 240 meters over the Lazy River.
  2. Escape Challenge: Six suspension bridges that are shakier and scarier than the ones you’ve seen in your movies. Dare you use them?
  3. Step Up: You will have to climb different trunks while a safety harness protects you from any unforeseen eventuality.

There is also a free fall station where you can show how brave you are at a height of more than 14 meters. Are you up for it?

Grand Prix

Are you a speed lover? It’s time for you to take a look at the Grand Prix, a 250-meter karting track. It has all the safety mechanisms and a specialized technical staff for you to have fun in the company of your loved ones.

The best of all is that you will reach a speed of up to 40 kilometers per hour, so you will have the opportunity to bring out the driver in you.

It is worth mentioning that the minimum age to participate is 14 years old and children under 7 years old must be accompanied by their representatives.

Ventura Park Tickets

If you want to enjoy the best amusement park in Cancun, take a look at the tickets you should buy:


The Platinum pass offers you almost all the attractions of the amusement park in Cancun, but with the difference of enjoying Wet’n Wild to enjoy the pools and slides without any worries.

Speaking of roller coasters, with this pass you will test your adrenaline through ups, downs and different curves to have fun with your friends.

In this sense, if you are an adult you will pay 769.30 Mexican pesos, while the younger ones will pay 664.30 pesos.


With this pass you can enjoy the only amusement park in Cancun, where you can immerse yourself in the wet’n Wild world and all its water attractions with different pools, slides, water jets and even wave rooms. What do you think?

Here you will have different worlds for the little ones of the house without any inconvenience as time goes by.

Also, you have the typical attractions for adults such as hanging bridges, amusement park in Cancun and much more.

The adult pass costs 699.30 Mexican pesos, while children pay only 594.30 pesos.


On the other hand, if you are a lover of exclusivity, you have to take a look at the VIP pass. This is a ticket where you can enjoy the best amusement park in Cancun along with slides, pools and different attractions that you can’t miss.

The VIP pass offers different worlds full of fun along with different attractions in front of the Caribbean Sea.

The price for adults is 2,099 Mexican pesos and children will pay 1,699 pesos.

And what are you waiting for to enjoy all that Cancun’s only amusement park has to offer?


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