Funk Band – Best Funk Bands for Wedding Parties


In the 1960s, musicians created a new rhythmic and danceable music genre by combining various kinds of music popular among the African-American communities in the mid-twentieth century, mainly known as the funk music genre. Funk bands are trendy in England, basically the Brit Funk.

If you want to plan a memorable wedding or ceremony, then choosing a funk band can be a perfect choice. Moreover, if you want to get people out of their seats and dance in your wedding party, hire funk bands, making your wedding ceremony a memorable day for the guest.

In this blog post, I’ll cover some of the best funk bands available in England that you can hire quickly for your wedding party, or you can also suggest these funk bands for your friend’s wedding ceremony especially. Let’s dive in!

UK’s Best Wedding Funk Band for Hire in London:

If you are searching for the best funk bands in London at an affordable price range, then hiring funk bands will be the best choice for your wedding party. They are the best wedding funk bands in the country and are very popular in England. Moreover, they’ve got an incredible repertoire of classic and contemporary funk tunes. 

Their bands’ energy and enthusiasm on stage are second to none, and their bands are guaranteed to get everyone moving and grooving, from the young ones to the oldies, on your big day. Let’s look at some of their best funk bands that can make your wedding fantastic and memorable.

Groove 54:

Groove 54 is the funkiest party band to keep your wedding dance floor packed all night. Their song repertoire is diverse, and they will create a song list specifically for your big day. This band is a premier party and wedding band which always performs energetic dance-floor-filling classics, contemporary pop chart songs, soul, funk, disco, rock classics, and chilled jazz tunes.

The band consists of some renowned first-class and experienced music artists who recently performed on television in London in different stage shows nationally and internationally. The most famous faces in this band are Mica Paris, Will Young and Peter Andre.

This band is equipped with the top range musical instruments which can produce fabulous music for dancing at the wedding party. The band’s professionalism is unrivalled. The artists always go beyond what is required to ensure that they give great performances which satisfy their clients.

Groove 54 is a London-based band, though they perform nationally and are more flexible to go anywhere you want.

Generally, you can get 2 hours of live funk music and split it into two to three sets you need. The different line-ups are available, from a 4-piece up to 9-piece, to suit your venue and budget requirements. They can also provide chilled-out sets for the drinks reception or dinner as a duo, trio, or four-piece for an additional fee.

Soul Element:

If you want to know the name of the best Funky Soul band for a wedding, Soul Element is the band without question. Their highest level of energy and smooth sound makes them unique and popular throughout England. They are professional on a variety of mixes of new and old tracks. Soul Element comprises some of the professional and outstanding male and female vocals.

If you are a fan of Luther Vandross, Jocelyn Brown, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson or Aretha Franklin, then Soul Element should be your choice. This 4 to 8-piece soul-funk band can make your wedding party unforgettable for the guests. With TV and radio performances, Soul Element has the reputation of performing nationally and internationally.

Soul Element is a more professional wedding band than any other band based in England. They will bring a great sound system, lighting and décor to make sure that your wedding is filled with the best in funk music. This funk and soul band will be perfect for the ceremony and can perform in various genres according to your requirements. If you are looking for the best funk band for your upcoming wedding ceremony in London, contact UK Live Entertainment for more details.

Daft Funk:

The female-fronted Daft Funk can be an excellent option if you want a more professional, skilled and energetic band for your wedding day. Mainly, they are a function band and have the reputation of performing nationwide and internationally.

If you want to play them in different music genres, their excellence will amaze you and make your party dance. They are professional and skilled in playing soul, funk, and disco. Moreover, if you want them to play other popular styles of music like Jazz, Classical and Chillout on your big day, Daft Funk will meet your needs with great expertise. Not only for weddings, but you can also hire them for your corporate functions, hotel and cruise ship events, and private parties.

Daft Funk always guarantees a successful event. Your guest will talk about your wedding day many years after the party; this will be one of the best memories of your life.

What should you consider when selecting a wedding funk band?

There are a few things to remember when choosing a wedding funk band. Here I’ll give you a few tips to keep in your mind before hiring a funk band. But definitely, I can recommend the UK Live Entertainment’s Funk Bands for your wedding day to make it a fantastic experience and a memory throughout your lifetime.

First, consider the style of funk that you want the band to play on your big day, like funky, syncopated bass lines and steady or infectious drum grooves. Make sure to choose a band that specializes in the style you’re looking for. Next, consider the size of the band. Make sure to choose a band that will be the right size for your wedding. The links I shared will find the right size bands for your wedding in this blog. Finally, make sure to ask the band for references. Any good funk band should be able to provide you with references from past clients.

I hope you enjoyed this post about the best Funk Bands to hire for weddings in the UK. These top three bands I recommended in this post will make your wedding unique and memorable. Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!


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