Why Online Dating Is No Longer Taboo In Singapore


It was not that long ago when the people in Singapore did not have the best views of online dating. In a culturally conservative Asian country such as Singapore, the locals were not approving of finding dates online even though it was always perfectly legal. It was basically seen as taboo. However, after some time, the people in Singapore started becoming accepting of the idea of online dating, and in fact, has become pretty much the norm now in Singapore. In fact, even when it comes to social escorts, clients are used to booking a local Singapore escort girl online too.  Here are some of the main reasons why online dating has taken hold in Singapore fully.

There used to be this view that finding a date online was only something which socially inept people will do. Singaporeans used to have the conservative view that you should meet your date “naturally” via social groups, and that a romantic relationship should only be the result of such so called “organic” methods. However, reality quickly started to set in for many Singaporeans, who work some of the longest hours in the world. Their careers and work had consumed so much of their lives – regardless of their job positions, that they do not even have time to associate with anyone else outside of their parents, siblings and their work colleagues. Therefore, if they were not interested in any of their colleagues, it was near impossible to find a suitable partner for dating. What was once seen as taboo is starting to be seen as a savior for many Singaporeans looking to date – online dating. Many Singaporeans take the public transport to and from work. This means that they have plenty of time on their hands while traveling to and from work daily. They could easily use this free time to whip out their mobile phones, and swipe right to potential dates on mobile dating applications. Very little effort was needed to potentially land a date with the perfect person. In fact, there are even Singaporeans who also use Instagram as a dating platform, on top of the usual applications such as Tinder. Since most Singaporeans have a very practical mindset, there was no reason to reject using a mobile application to find a date and relationship, as it was so efficient at doing so.

Also, many women in Singapore are not used to being “picked up” in public. What is pretty common in Western culture may not be anywhere as common in Singapore. Therefore, if a man tried to land a date with a hot Singaporean woman by trying to pick her up on the streets or at a local bar, she may very well be shocked by the approach and instinctively reject him. However, when it comes to online dating applications, while women tend to be bombarded by a lot of messages, women have the ability to sieve through them one by one, without getting pressured unnecessarily. They also need not reply any man they are completely uninterested in, and will not need to panic and think of a reason to reject a man on the spot if picked up in real life which can feel very awkward. The lady can slowly look through and reply the messages until she manages to find the man she thinks is most suitable for her. As a result of this culture in Singapore, men also tend to find more success looking for a dating relationship online than trying to “pick up” ladies offline since local Singaporean women tend to be more receptive online too.


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