Is Cosmetic Dentistry The Ideal Choice For You?


Some cosmetic dentistry procedures can be costly and time-consuming, but the advantages of physical and mental health outweigh the costs. These operations can not only enhance the health and cleanliness of your mouth, but they can also improve your self-esteem and aid you live a happier lifestyle. Aside from that, merely being able to eat comfortably and painlessly may significantly influence your health. Additionally, cosmetic dentistry New York is an alternative worth considering for anyone who has dental or gum discomfort or is self-conscious about their smile and wishes to improve it.

Overview of cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry was initially practiced in the mid-nineteenth century. As a relatively new and esoteric technique at the time, it was initially avoided by many dental professionals. Cosmetic dentistry would revolutionize the dental sector and develop a whole new specialty within dentistry in its own right. The phrase “cosmetic dentistry” refers to any dental operation or treatment only intended to modify the teeth’ color, placement, or aesthetic look. Cosmetic dental treatments can also replace teeth that have been damaged, discolored, or are missing. Cosmetic dentistry is rapidly gaining popularity, with patients frequently reporting better confidence and improved dental health due to cosmetic dentistry therapy. Some of the most frequent cosmetic dentistry procedures provided by dentists are:

  1.     Teeth whitening

One of the most typical cosmetic dentistry operations is teeth whitening. Age and the intake of beverages such as coffee and tea can all contribute to the discoloration of your teeth over time. Although discolored teeth seldom cause major dental health problems, they can negatively influence your self-confidence and readiness to show off your smile when taking photos or attending gatherings.

  1.     Dental crowns

Dental crowns can be used to replace a tooth’s cap or crown that has been broken, cracked, or worn down over time. Using modern 3D imaging technology, same-day crowns may be created on-site. During imaging, the dentist will create an accurate digital representation of a crown to fit the patient’s mouth. This picture is then delivered to a specific machine for manufacture and immediately applied to the patient.

  1.     Dental implants

Dental implants are another popular cosmetic therapy. Dental implants are a therapeutic option for those who want to repair damaged or missing teeth without wearing dentures. Dental implants are inserted into a pre-prepared cavity in the jaw by inserting a screw-like anchor, generally composed of titanium. The operation is usually done over a six-month or longer period and needs many procedures and extensive gaps to enable the jaw and gums to recover between surgeries. Patients frequently claim dental implants are more comfortable, natural-looking, and visually attractive than dentures.

 Cosmetic dentistry procedures focus on the look of your mouth, teeth, gums, and a broad smile. Consult your dentist about what you want to be altered and which technique suits your needs. Call Dr. Dorian Cucereanu, DDS, to schedule your consultation today to determine which cosmetic dentistry operations are ideal for your unique dental care needs.


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