How Can I Get a VIN Number Checked for Free? (Comprehensive Answer)


Buying a car has always been a significant decision, whether it’s a brand-new or used one. The more you understand the history of a second-hand car before you purchase it, the better it will be. 

Carrying out a VIN number check is the best way to know everything about a used car. It can help you provide a wealth of vital details as it’s a unique 17-digit alphanumeric code given to every new car sold in the USA since the 1950s. 

Every vehicle has a different VIN number, which helps you unravel the car’s registration by state, insurance reports, and title. However, several ways exist to get a VIN number checked without spending a dime. So, let’s get straight to it!

Why do you need to check the VIN number history?

Before getting started with a VIN number check, you must know why it’s necessary to check your vehicle’s history! Well, it’s crucial to know a car’s history while buying a car on the secondary market. Especially with a large used car market in the USA, a car history check is imperative. 

Let’s say you are purchasing a Benz.

Without a Mercedes-Benz VIN search, the possibility of purchasing a vehicle after a fire, accident, or crime is over-the-top. Having prior information about the used car will help you bypass issues. In addition, the VIN check reports with adequate vehicle details, for example, mileage, car history, and photos, will enable you to purchase an authorized car. 

How to obtain a free VIN number check?

You can utilize a wide array of services for a free VIN check before buying a used car. Therefore, obtaining a VIN check is vital for purchasing a vehicle on any car selling platform. This guide will discuss the top 3 ways to get a VIN number checked for free. 


VinPit is another platform where you can get a free VIN check report. Are you considering buying a Mercedes-Benz and wondering if it’s safe to buy one? You must not worryas the Mercedes-Benz VIN search from VinPit will help you get every bit of information about the car. 

A Mercedes VIN is a 17-digit alphanumeric code assigned to those cars during production. The VIN system is carefully structured so that no two cars can have one VIN. This is because a VIN is known as a vehicle’s fingerprint, just like humans, who can’t have similar fingerprints. 

What are the details you can obtain with Mercedes-Benz VIN lookup?

1st position to 3rd position

  • Manufacturer
  • Production unit and country
  • Vehicle type or division 

4th-8th position

  • Body type
  • Model
  • Transmission type
  • Restraint systems
  • Engine class

9th, 10th to 17th position

  • Serial number
  • Model year
  • Plant


For a more precise VIN lookup, this site is one of the best and free options, offering crucial data, such as fuel economy, price analysis, and cost to own. In this free VIN lookup, you will obtain these things:

  • Recent recall information
  • Selling history
  • Price projections about the right time to purchase a specific make and model.
  • A precise list of the expiration of manufacturer warranties.   

In order to obtain your free VIN report via this site, you must provide your car’s VIN number under the homepage’s research tab. After that, you need to click on “view report.” 

2.The National Insurance Crime Bureau

This VIN checks free platform offers a free VIN check to ascertain if the car was ever declared damaged or stolen to the point where it was issued a salvage title. NCIB provides a maximum of 5 free VIN check services from one IP address within 1 day, using accurate data provided by car insurance organizations. 

Consequently, information might not be entirely updated. In order to obtain your VIN check report, visit the website and give your car’s unique VIN number beneath “Look up a VIN.” Once you prove you’re not a robot and agree to the terms, you need to click “Search VIN.” 


These are the top 3 ways to obtain a free VIN check report, and the sites listed here are the best steps to take while thinking about purchasing a second-hand car. Of course, all the vehicle-related information you obtain on your free VIN reports must match up across the providers. 

In case there’s no match, that’s a top-notch indication that the car has undergone VIN forgery. Therefore, it should give you pause prior to proceeding with the purchase. So, what are you thinking of? Among these 3 platforms, VinPit is an extraordinary VIN check site to obtain every piece of information about any car you want to purchase.


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