What is Cellular Health and What Can I Do to Improve It?


As human beings get older in age, the cells in our bodies become weaker and lead to the aging process, making us feel tired and worn out a whole lot sooner than when we were younger. Cellular health deals with just how well our cells are functioning, and one key component that can affect cellular health is free radicals. 

Free radicals are unstable atoms that harm our cells and make us age more. This breaking down of our cells is also known as oxidizing the cells. But we don’t just have to take this attack against our cellular health lying down. These four strategies listed below are some of the ways in which we can combat cellular breakdown and stop free radicals from doing damage. 

Consume Grass-Fed Animal Products

Health problems aren’t coming directly from animal products themselves. It is actually the type of animal products that we are eating that is causing diseases. Dairy products and meat from grain-fed, factory-farmed animals are full of hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, herbicides, and pesticides that are believed to contribute to cancer and heart disease, so why put them in our bodies? 

But when you are able to have meat and dairy from healthy, grass-fed, and naturally raised animals, you are having food that will improve your cellular heath with high-quality saturated fat and cholesterol needed for better cellular function and regeneration. Animal products that were originally grass-fed also contain lots of vitamin K2, which remains a massive deficiency with so many people eating grain-fed animal foods that lack the amount of K2 to make a positive impact on health. Switch over from grain-fed to grass-fed meat and dairy products to immediately improve your health.

Eat Unpasteurized Fermented Foods

Some common fermented foods that many people are already consuming include cheese, chocolate, coffee, tea, and beer. But to really gain the healing abilities that can come from fermented foods, it is a better idea to eat living foods that are unpasteurized. When you consume unpasteurized food like homemade yogurt, sauerkraut, yogurt, kimchi, and miso, they offer trillions of bacteria that when digested impacts our gut health and digestion in a major way. Bacteria are able to alter how our cells communicate with our hormones and can even change our gene expression.

Prior to the invention of refrigeration, people ingested trillions of good bacteria daily because they fermented foods to stretch out the amount of time that it could be consumed. This lost art of fermentation holds the key to healing many chronic conditions, particularly those that take place in the gut. Begin eating more unpasteurized, fermented foods right away to replace gut bacteria diminished by a toxic diet and environment. 

Use Quality Supplements

If we lived in a world that was full of clean air and had bodies of water that weren’t so heavily polluted, then we all would be able to derive essential vitamins and minerals directly from the sun by consuming an organic, whole foods-based diet. This is definitely not what is happening with so much of the population suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies like Vitamin D, K2, and Iodine that are required for basic bodily functions. 

Having high-quality energy supplements provides us with nutrients that are missing from our diets that can support and activate the body’s ability to heal itself. Ideally, these energizing supplements would be obtained from food, but due to the huge epidemic of vitamin deficiencies, it is clear that supplementation is definitely needed to improve our cellular health. 

Purchase the best supplements that you can possibly afford and go with physician grade supplements whenever possible. Synthetic vitamins typically have cheap ingredients and fillers and are not absorbed into the cell, which defeats the purpose of why you need to take them in the first place. Low-quality discount vitamins can also put pressure on your body and cause health problems. Pick quality supplements to address deficiencies that support your body’s capacity for healing. 

Avoid GMOs as Much as You Can

GMOs are “Genetically Modified Organisms,” or in other words, animals or plants that have been genetically engineered using DNA from viruses, bacteria, or other plants and animals and do not occur in nature. These artificial GMOs were made to survive having herbicides such as glyphosate applied to them, which is the most commonly used herbicide in the world. 

There are drawbacks to glyphosate, such as the fact that it is able to disrupt hormone balance, kill off helpful gut bacteria, spur on psychological issues, stand in the way of natural detoxification, and become a factor in obesity taking place. With genetically engineered foods being this destructive to our cellular health and being the culprit that causes an extensive list of diseases, we need to reject as many GMO ingredients from our meals as possible. This means not eating wheat, soybeans, corn, sugar beets, and canola oil. 


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