7 Reasons Why Cuban Link is So Popular


Men’s jewelry has evolved greatly over the years. For long periods, it was fairly rare unless worn as a sign of wealth, or even of royalty. Over the last few decades, however, male jewelry has begun to grow in popularity, and become a more prominent piece of a masculine look. Whether it be a necklace, or a wrist piece, more and more men are utilizing jewelry to complete their looks. Among these, the cuban link chain has become incredibly popular as a piece of neckwear, and wrist wear. With their increasing popularity, it is easy to access the question, why? Here are a number of reasons why the cuban link is so popular. 

1. It Looks Great on Men

Many types of jewelry don’t look great on men. Either there is too much going on, they are particularly feminine, or they don’t compliment the male appearance. Because of this, purchasing or wearing a piece of jewelry can be a difficult move for many men. The cuban link chain, however, supports the look of many men very well, and brings out the masculine appearance while complimenting a number of clothing selections.

The link pattern is simple, and not overly aggressive, or overtly feminine. There are a number of ways to make a cuban link more bold, or more understated, which allows men seeking a cuban link to find the best add on for them.  

2. Versatility

The cuban link is not a jewelry style that only works with one kind of outfit, or one kind of style. It can be worn with casual outfits, and dress wear alike, it works with most colors, and with most skin and body types. It is far easier for something to become more popular when it is versatile.


Cuban links are seen frequently, and thus are becoming purchased and adopted more and more. They can also be worn as bracelets, allowing those who are not looking for something too bold, but still want to upscale their outfits.

Lastly, cuban links exist in both large, and small widths of chain. Those who want to draw more attention to their jewelry can wear broader chains, while those with a more understated desire can wear thinner chains. This immense level of versatility provides plenty of room for the cuban link to become more and more popular.

3. Durability

The cuban link chain is a highly durable chain. It does not break easily, and can be made utilizing a number of different types of metals to ensure that it does not corrode easily. Because of its durability, people are more easily willing to make the investment, and will wear them more frequently due to a lack of fear that they may be broken or damaged.

4. Popular Figures

Another reason that the cuban link chain has become more and more popular is because of its regular residence around the necks of pop culture figures and celebrities. A large number of popular musicians, athletes, actors, and figures, such as Drake, Dwayne Johnson, and others have sported cuban link chains. Because of this, people have begun to adopt them due to their icons’ styles.

The spread of this style through pop culture, and across social media mediums has made it something that is much more easily adopted by men looking to spruce up their style, boost their confidence, or even delve into jewelry for the first time.

 5. It’s Comfortable

The way that the cuban link is made allows it to hang easily around the neck, contort with the body well, and not punch skin or hair. This makes it a perfect piece of jewelry for men, and those who are looking for something that helps them look good, but that they don’t have to notice the feel of each day.

This comfortability has made the chain all the more popular, as wearing it inside or outside the clothes are both easy, and unlikely to cause skin irritation. 

6. Color

The cuban link chain does not require a specific type of metal, or a specific color of metal. This allows interested consumers to find a chain that is as understated or as bold as they want, and allows them to find a variety of chains to meet their individual tastes, or to pair with a number of colors and occasions.  

7. A Goldilocks Piece of Jewelry

Overall, the popularity of the cuban link is because it is, in essence, a goldilocks piece of jewelry. It’s “just right.” For many, the cuban link is not too much or too little, it is not too overstated or too understated, and it is the perfect first piece for many men, while continuing to hold out with their stylistic growth.

If you are looking at investing into a new piece of jewelry, or even getting into it for the first time, the cuban link may be your best option.


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