Why Color Contacts Might Be for You


Color contacts, which are made to be worn all day, are an affordable way to change your eye color. But if you’re thinking about trying them out for the first time, here’s a rundown of what you can expect to see when wearing them.

Benefits of Colored Contact

If you’re like most people, you’re probably used to wearing clear contacts. But what about when you want to convey a specific message or style? With colored contacts, you can really make a statement!

1.They’ll add some life to your look.

Some people feel that colorful contacts give their eyes a more animated look, which can make them seem more engaging and cheerful. If this describes you, then colored contacts could be just what you need to inject some extra brightness and life into your appearance.

2. They offer a variety of colors to choose from.

Most colored contacts come in a variety of colors, so you can find one that perfectly matches your own personal style. This is really helpful if you have a difficult time finding eyewear that looks good on you – with colored contacts, you can select any color that appeals to you and still get the desired effect.

3.They can help accentuate your features.

If certain areas of your face are more prominent than others, colored contacts can help emphasize these areas by giving your eyes a lift in color. For example, if you have thin eyelashes that are short on volume or if there’s a shadow under your lower lashes, colored contacts can help enhance the appearance of your eyes and make them stand out.

Choosing Colors by Skin Tone

One of the best ways to figure out what colored contact would look best is by looking at your skin tone. There are three types of skin tones: cool, neutral, and warm. Most people have a cool or warm undertone.

To see what skin tone you have, flip your wrist over and look at the veins. If you have a cool skin tone, the veins will be blue, and if they’re green, you have a warm skin tone. Neutral skin tones have a mixture of both.

The following colored contacts work best with each tone. 

Cool Tone

Grey, purple, and blue contacts go great with cool undertones, as they’re very complimenting. People with this skin tone look fantastic with brightly colored lens colors like aqua and violet.

Neutral Skin Tone

Neutral-toned skin tones can wear any color they like! It’s a versatile skin town that matches everything, like honey, hazel, grey, and green.

Warm Skin Tone

Warm tone eyes look fantastic with highlights of honey, hazel, brown or light blue, as they provide a great contrast with the skin tone.

What Colored Contacts work better with what hair colors?

You can also look at your hair color to determine what colored contact works for you!

Blonde Hair 

Blonde hair is a hair color that suits many different eye colors. Not only that, but it also makes your eye shades stand out even more. For best results, consider blue or green lenses.

Red Hair

The best color to match any shade of red hair is green, but each shade of hair fits with different shades of green. Bright green contacts are suited for deep shades of red, while darker green ones go well with a lighter shade of red hair. 

Brown hair

Brown hair goes with brown or hazel contact lenses. Different shades of brown work nicely together to bring out a natural and effective look. If you want to go for a more drastic look, try shades of blue.

Black hair 

Black hair also pairs well with all eye colors, including light and dark shades. 

Different Kinds of Color Contacts

There are different types of colored contacts, but there are two you should keep in mind when choosing.

Enhancement: Enhancement tint color contacts are translucent, as they have the color applied directly to the lens. It highlights the structures of your eye and enhances your natural eye color. It can also slightly shift the color of your eye so that the color is darker.

Opaque: This type of color contact applies a strong color to the iris, completely disguising the natural eye color.


Colored contacts are a fun way to spruce up your look! Be sure to consider your hair color and skin tone before choosing, but ultimately have fun with it!


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