5 Ways to Maximize Your Conference Calls With Video Chat


Video conferencing is a modern technology that allows people to see and hear each other and share important information online. In this case, only the capabilities of a conventional computer are used. The scope of video conferencing is very diverse. But most importantly, this is an opportunity to bring interaction at a distance reminiscent of real live communication.

Video chat is widely used where the high efficiency of a situation analysis and decision making is important. It is also used when it is necessary to consult a specialist or collaborate remotely on projects and solutions, etc.

Video conferencing significantly expands the possibilities of communication between superiors and subordinates for developing and adopting joint decisions and approving documents. Thanks to video conferencing, everyone today can have a chat with live girls. It is just necessary to visit websites like Chatrandom and start chatting with a random girl. Free video chat is trendy today, as users get the opportunity not only to have pleasant communication but also to find a person who is close in life values and interests.

Recently, more and more employees in the pedagogical community have also shown interest in video conferencing. It provides remote communication with students and their parents, business negotiations with the administration of an educational institution, remote pedagogical councils, etc.

Basic Video Calling Rules You Should Follow

Regardless of the purpose, you need to conduct a video conference; you probably want it to be as successful as possible. Read below for valuable tips on starting a conference call and making it more effective.

Prepare for the Video Conference in Advance

Don’t leave connecting until the last minute. Otherwise, you will not have time to solve possible connection problems. For example, the camera may require a driver update, the headset cord may be damaged, etc. It is better to log in early and check if everything is working correctly. If there are problems, then they should be solved without haste. At the same time, if you use a laptop or smartphone, it does not hurt to ensure that the battery is charged.

Mute Your Microphone in Time

Remember to turn off your microphone when you are silent. Nothing is more annoying during group calls than background sniffing into the microphone, making it difficult to hear what is being said.

Provide Communication Channel

We sometimes forget how many different devices in the house are constantly connected to the Internet. And then we are surprised at the wheezing in the headphones and the muddy picture on the screen during a video conference. Therefore, before making a responsible video call, it is better to turn off other devices. A child’s tablet, on which a 4K cartoon is shown, Windows with updates, and a torrent client with the series can wait a bit. Try to do everything necessary to ensure that the communication channel is reliable and uninterrupted.

Understand Settings and Features

If you have not used the service before and have to arrange a call, it is worth studying the possible settings. For example, in Zoom, conference participants can share their screen in the default settings without prior permission from the host. At open webinars, this sometimes leads to unpleasant incidents. If you do not want to blush and apologize, it is better to limit the scope for amateur performances in advance.

Look Decent

Everyone likes a relaxed home environment. However, videoconferencing requires you to look decent. You should take care of your hairstyle, clothing, and accessories. Don’t wear overly bright clothes. It is better to give preference to pastel colors. When the conference call is in progress, try not to lie on the couch and not be distracted by a mobile game in the background. You should generally behave the same way as in a face-to-face meeting.

Do not forget about the possibilities of modern technologies. Some services allow you to hide the environment behind a virtual background. For example, Teams and Skype can defocus the background, and Zoom can put you in the background of any beautiful picture.

So, no matter the type of video chat, be it websites like Chatrandom or business meetings with colleagues, you must prepare responsibly for it. Following the above rules will help you host a great video conference.

Tips on Increasing Participation in Conference Calls


Video calling occurs for meetings where maximum involvement of each participant is required. Practice shows that often only the one who calls a meeting remains the most engaged. But how do interest other participants? Consider some useful tips on how to keep virtual meetings engaging:

  • Use personal greetings. We are all unique individuals and want to be treated accordingly. To immediately grab the audience’s attention, do not try to greet everyone at once. This is allowed only in the case of a multi-participant conference (more than 20 people). If the meeting is not multi-participant, say hello to everyone using the indicated name. This way, you’ll set the right tone, create a positive atmosphere, and attract those who are not involved;
  • Have a discussion before the video chat. As a rule, some of the participants connect in advance. Do not turn on music or maintain an awkward silence. The most effective way is to have a conversation. This will allow you to increase the involvement of conference participants and generate interest in the topic under discussion;
  • Summarize in chat. Different people perceive information differently. Some prefer to see, while others prefer to hear new material. Offer your audience different options so that listeners process information better and stay engaged. It is advantageous to summarize in chat if you do not have multi-visual materials and slides;
  • Offer practical assignments. Sooner or later, the attention of the audience falls. Therefore, try to alternate the presentation with interesting tasks. The right approach will help to collect valuable data for the involvement of participants and consolidate the material;
  • Ask questions. Try to ask questions in a conversation with live chat girls or any other video chat. This will help participants switch from listening mode to processing information and preparing a response. And as a result, video chat will not look like a simple monologue but will become more effective and interesting.

As you can see, every video conference requires careful preparation and monitoring during the event. To organize it properly, you need to follow the requirements described in this article. You should also follow valuable tips to ensure maximum participation. Rest assured, your efforts will not be in vain, and you will succeed!





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