Best 5 Airfare Consolidators – How to Save Money on Your Next Flight Ticket by Booking with the Best Airline Consolidator?


Booking the flight ticket is often the most stressful part of travel. Airplane tickets, especially over a long distance, can cost a lot of money. Yes, over the last decade, thanks to competition, the tickets have sometimes become cheaper, but it is still a problem for many travelers.

An airline consolidator can help you here.

What are these businesses and how can they help? Airline consolidators are wholesale flight ticket agencies. They work as broking firms that book the tickets in large quantities and resell them to travel agencies and also to individual buyers. They can get big discounts as they purchase so many tickets. The prices are so low that their rates cannot be matched by anyone else. This means, if you can find a way to purchase from an airline consolidator, you can save a lot of money on your next trip. It is the most affordable way to book flight tickets.

How do you find these businesses and how do you buy from them? What type of flight tickets do they offer? This guide will provide answers to all these questions, so that you can save money the next time you purchase an airline ticket.

Business Class Consolidators – Top Benefits

There is so much to consider when buying a flying ticket.

  • Should I buy from a low-cost carrier?
  • How much can I save from a no-frills airline?
  • Can I land somewhere else to save money?

You don’t have to consider all this when you deal with a consolidator.

There’s nothing to worry because airline consolidators are absolutely legal. They are recognized by the IATA (the International Air Transport Association). They do an important job too by making sure that the carriers are able to sell a higher number of tickets.

Airline companies cannot always offer discounts on fares that have been published already and many passengers cannot buy at these high prices. So, the carriers often offer these tickets to the consolidators at a lower price for both domestic and international flights.

Here’s why you should work with an airline consolidator

  1. You will have your own travel agent – You will deal with a real human who will guide you, offer you advice, and help you order the flight ticket at a lower cost. Many travel agents cannot access leading Global Distribution Systems or GDSs but that is not the case with these consolidators. They can access different resources to give you the best deal.
  2. Convenient for you – You don’t have to spend time checking different travel platforms to find the best deal. You don’t have to compare the different routes or time of the week/day when you get the lowest price.
  3. Gain from the knowledge of an expert–Ticket wholesalers have been around for a long time, so they have a lot of knowledge and experience, which they use to help their customers. When you deal with them, you will not just get the best deal, but will also receive good and useful advice.
  4. They can plan complicated itineraries–The best consolidators can organize the most difficult trips too with multiple stops and different carriers. They excel in these areas.
  5. An easy booking process – Most consolidators now have a booking widget with a user-friendly UI. This helps the travel agents as well because the GDSs are far more complicated.

So you see there are several reasons for partnering with an airline consolidator. They can help you both when you are pre-planning or for a spontaneous trip.

List of the Best Airline Consolidators

Let us now take a look at some of the best airline consolidators. In this guide, we will also compare the pros and cons of each one of them –


#1: BusinessClassConsolidator.Com – Best Savings for Business Class Flights

  • Provides you the cheapest business-class tickets worldwide
  • Sells tickets to Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East

A world leader that is accredited with ARC, BBB, and ASTA! They are in business for more than 9 years.

This is a great service to save money on business flights and first-class tickets. An experienced human travel agent can help you plan and save, even for multi-city tours.BusinessClassConsolidator.Com works with all airline carriers. Your human agent will help you at every stage.


  1. They are quick to respond and can save you up to 50%
  2. A very understanding and supporting client service team
  3. Very simple interface
  4. They can even book last-minute tickets
  5. They can book tickets worldwide, even for in-transit flight changes
  6. Many verified happy reviews


  1. Sometimes flights are canceled for various reasons. The refund can be either full or partial. The carrier may accommodate you on another flight. Mention your preference when you book. Also consider the cancellation fees.
  2. The refund process is sometimes long.

Your travel experience also depends on the individual carrier. But everything considered, BCC is a very good airline consolidator. They are very good in their work and can save you a lot of money.

#2: – Cheap Business & First Class Flight Booking

  • Provides many flight change options
  • Also offers travel insurance, hotels and restaurant bookings, event bookings like concerts, exhibitions, etc
  • Helps in visa processing
  • Helps you search for the best deals focuses on personalizing your travel experience. They do everything from booking your flight ticket, eating out, booking your in-between hotel or spa session, and everything else, to make sure that your business or pleasure travel is really convenient. works like a one-stop solution for all your travel needs.

They are also very good with one-way trips, open-date flights, and complex destinations.


  1. User-friendly website design makes it easy to work with
  2. A very simple ordering process. Clarity at every step.
  3. Partners with many top carriers like Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Swiss, Thai, etc
  4. Saves you between 30% and 50% on the ticket price
  5. An extremely responsive and professional customer service team
  6. They can match any deal


  1. Most deals are only for the popular routes

Voyaguis a top travel consolidator. This is, however, a new business, and thus, many people don’t yet know about them.

#3: BusinessClassExperts.Com –Premium International Flights

  • Helps you book flight tickets to the US, UK, Canada, and most European countries
  • Book luxury tickets, customized to your needs

Here’s a very impressive fact about this service – More than 97% of business class customers are very happy with this airline consolidator and would use the service again. BCE stands out for offering great deals, fast, and supportive communications.

BCE can create custom itineraries both for first class and business class. For business class flights, they can save you almost $5,000. And not just the financial part, they are also very good at guiding the customer throughout all the travel stages.


  1. Quick processing time (just a minute on the phone
  2. You will get free quotes
  3. The booking process is easy
  4. You can save up to 60% on European luxury air travel
  5. Linked with other credible websites
  6. Large LinkedIn audience
  7. Every documentation handled efficiently


  1. They don’t offer economy class tickets

BusinessClassExperts.Com is very good for hassle-free flying and saving a lot of money in premium categories.

#4: SkyLuxTravel.Com – For Good Deals in Business & First Class Flight Booking

Sky Lux Travel is another leading consolidator for worldwide luxury airline tickets. They work with the most reputed carriers and offer exceptional customer support. If you want to travel with only the top carriers and still save money, then you can certainly turn to this wholesale provider.

Sky Lux excels in travel management, which saves you time too. They can also offer customized solutions that meet your precise needs.


  1. Custom-made travel solutions
  2. Exceptional 24/7 customer support, even during the weekend
  3. Good Trustpilot reviews and A-level accreditation by BBB
  4. Many hot deals to different parts of the world


  1. Doesn’t offer economy class routes

A good option for savings and reliable business class flight tickets! You could save up to 50% on long-distance travel.

#5: AirlineConsolidator.Com – Affordable Tickets on International and Domestic Flights

Airline Consolidator excels in offering cheap international and domestic flight tickets with the American continent. You will find tickets for Central and South America, the Pacific, Middle East, Europe, India, and other parts of Asia. They work with more than 50 carriers.


  1. Buy from many top airline carriers
  2. Attractive hotel discounts for your inter-flight days
  3. Helps you also purchase cheap rail tickets
  4. Bonuses for frequent flyers
  5. Choose from four ticket classes – coach, premium economy, first, and business


  1. The interface is complicated

AirlineConsolidator.Com works very well for hotel and rail ticket bookings and those looking for last-minute flight deals. It makes sense to use this service though the interface is not that great.

Other Consolidators: A Few Alternatives You Can Consider

  • – is also a good choice for flight tickets, hotel bookings, and cultural event tickets. You can rely on them to find you the best deals. They can do real-time reservations, issue tickets automatically, and send everything over email.
  • 1800FlyEurope / Auto Europe– best known for their car rental service. They can also book flight tickets under the 1800FlyEurope brand name. The business offers some of the cheapest rates for business class travel.
  • Economy Travel – is in business since the 1980s. One unique feature is that, you can see the difference between regular fares and consolidator prices, so you will know how much you will save clearly. You can filter by destination, which will help you search better. This is a good service also for educators, for non-profit organizations, and those traveling for church and ministry duties.
  • is both a ticket wholesaler and a vacation planner. Working with 15 travel service providers, they can offer you much more than flight tickets for a saving of up to 60%. The interface is simple and the booking process is easy too. You can select from more than 15 million exclusive flight deals and 90,000 cheap hotel rates – their database is really huge.
  • Cheap Tickets – cheaptickets.comtoo can save you money. However, check all flight parameters carefully before booking, especially what is included and what is excluded. They don’t offer flight change support. Car rentals are also not included. Their Special Offers and Last Minute deals are, however, very attractive.
  • –At first glance, the interface doesn’t look very impressive. The service too seems average. Look deeper and you will find many amazing discounts on luxury tickets. They often offer more attractive deals compared to many of the better known airline consolidators.


How airline consolidators work?

Many carriers cannot sell all their tickets, especially at the higher rates. They contract with wholesale ticket sellers or airline consolidators and offload their unsold stock at a lower price. These prices are often 30% less than what you will find on the carrier website. Consolidators also work with travel agents to offer discounted tickets for various activities, attractions, and also hotel and restaurant bookings.

Consolidators often buy in bulk, but not always. They look closely at the target classes and pick from the available stock looking at factors like seats, routes, and flight timings as soon as the carrier closes its window.

Do the carriers lose money when they sell through consolidators?

No, the airline companies don’t lose money. By working with consolidators, they can ensure that more tickets are being sold, which means the flight is not going to fly empty. It is profitable for the wholesalers too. They earn a commission from the sale. It is good for the customers too as they can save a lot of money.

This is a win-win situation for everyone. The carriers can also improve their brand value, promote new routes, and special offers. Flight consolidators provide booking engines with GDSs, which helps travelers, as they don’t have to visit different airline websites to find the best deals.

Is an airfare consolidator the same as a bucket shop?

There is no difference. These wholesalers are known by several names – airline consolidator, bucket shop, and tour operators. It is the same.

There is one little difference. The term “bucket shop” is mostly applied for international flight tickets, whereas, airline consolidators offer both international and domestic tickets, hotel bookings, and more.

How to Save Money on Your Flight Ticket

Airline consolidators or wholesale ticket agencies can save you a lot of money. It can be anything between 10% and 70% depending on the time of the year, the carrier, the destination of your travel, and your preferred ticket class. Here are a few tricks to save you even more –

  • The best time to buy –You will get the maximum discounts 72 hours before your flight time
  • Consider odd hours and less popular days to save even more – You will get better deals for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, night routes and red-eye flights
  • There are many consolidators – compare to get the best deal

About Airfare Consolidators

Airline consolidators are not huge enterprises like the carriers. They are small wholesalers that buy tickets in bulk and resell later at a lower price to their customers. These tickets are for the same destinations and the ticket categories are the same. But the official website of the carrier can never match the price these consolidators offer.

As a precaution, don’t work with any consolidator that is not an official airline distributor or changes their contract frequently.

You will often find their advertisements on social media and also on newspapers. Always work with a legal wholesaler, a business that the carrier has approved and partnered with for ticket sales. You are in safe hands when you find such an airline consolidator.


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