Why You Should Consider Vegan Perfumes This Summer


Summertime is upon us, which means its time to whip out your favorite summer scents. Maybe you prefer a low-key, sweet perfume, or maybe you’d prefer something with a more outdoorsy and woodsy vibe. No matter what kind of fragrance you like, Snif has got you covered with all the perfect scents for the summer season. 

Not only does Snif have an impressive collection of scents to choose from, but all Snif perfumes are also vegan and cruelty-free. There are so many great reasons to go vegan in your perfumes this summer, and if you don’t currently use vegan perfumes, now would be a great time to start. We’re here today to show you why you should start getting vegan perfumes. After reading this article, you’ll never want to go back to non-vegan fragrances (trust us; they are not animal-friendly). 

What is Vegan Perfume? 

Before we get into why vegan perfumes are so awesome, we first have to answer the question, “What is vegan perfume?” For a perfume to be classified as vegan, it cannot have any animal products at all, including beeswax or honey. Some fragrances have no animal-derived ingredients except beeswax or honey, but even those perfumes would be classified as vegetarian, not vegan. 

Something important to note is that vegan does not mean the same thing as cruelty-free, which is so disappointing. Aren’t we evolved enough as a society to know that hurting animals is bad? Before purchasing a perfume, make sure to research the brand to see if they are both vegan and cruelty-free, because although it might be one, it might not be the other as well. Thankfully, Snif perfumes are both vegan and cruelty-free (whoop whoop!). 

Why Do Most Perfumes Have Animal Ingredients? 

There are two main reasons why most perfumes use ingredients derived from animals. The first reason is that the oils found in some of these ingredients make the fragrance last a little longer. So far, we’re not off to a great start on why most perfume companies need to harm animals for their products. 

Secondly, animal products function as the actual base scent of many non-vegan perfumes. While some animal-derived ingredients might smell nice in a perfume, that doesn’t mean we can’t make synthetic scents that smell identical to the animal-based scents. There are really no reasons why perfume brands have to incorporate animal ingredients, so it begs the question: why aren’t all perfume brands vegan and cruelty-free? The truth of the matter is that most big brands care more about making a lot of money than they do about taking care of animals and the environment. At Snif, we dare to stand out among perfume brands as a company that refuses to harm animals in the making of our products. 

What are Some Common Animal-Based Ingredients in Perfumes? 

There are a couple of common animal-derived ingredients that are found in a lot of popular perfumes. We’ll try not to scare you too much, but it’s hard to not be saddened and grossed out by these common ingredients. 

  • Civets secrete a paste in their anal glands that is popular in perfumes. Unfortunately, animal abuse is a common occurrence when the paste is collected. 
  • Musk deers produce a scent within their genital glands which is collected to produce that “musky” smell in perfumes. Because of the high demand for this scent, musk deers are nearly extinct at this point, and policies have been put in place to protect them from perfume manufacturers.
  • In order to collect castoreum, which comes from male and female beaver sacs, thousands of beavers are abused and killed. Not only that, but in some areas, they are specifically bred to be killed for castoreum collection. 

This is only scratching the surface of common animal products used in perfumes. A tragedy is occuring because of big box non-vegan perfume brands that don’t care about the wellbeing of out animals. 

Deep breaths. Let’s move on to the benefits of using vegan perfumes. 

Clean Ingredients 

Another reason why you should consider getting vegan perfumes is because they typically have clean ingredients. Obviously, there are individual differences among different perfume brands, so always make sure to check the ingredients list before purchasing a perfume. Snif uses a blend of synthetic and natural products to create the perfect scent with a clean ingredients list. Snif perfumes are preservative-, phthalate-, and paraben-free and are made with industry standards. Let’s give it up for the scientists behind the scenes at Snif that make our clean fragrances smell so dang good.

Support Vegan Perfume Brands

At the end of the day, you cast your vote by choosing vegan or non-vegan perfumes. We hope this article opened your eyes to the importance of supporting vegan perfume brands. The more people grow in awareness about this topic, the more vegan and clean options we will see rise up in many different types of products. Cast your vote for animal rights today by supporting vegan perfume brands.  


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