6 of the Best Greek Islands to Visit in 2022


The beauty of these islands lies in the contrast between the frantic lifestyle or the oases of tranquility, but one thing is certain: in these islands you will leave behind the stress of daily life while enjoying swimming on some of the most exotic beaches in the Mediterranean and eating delicious local dishes.

6. Paros

The island of Paros retains its bright Cycladic colors despite the throngs of tourists flocking to its alleyways each year. Whether you want to relax and unwind in traditional mountain villages forgotten by time, party long after sunset in the beach bars, go out on the town in Naoussa, or wander the cobblestone streets in Parikia, you can do it all!

In addition, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how much water sports Paros has to offer—there are countless surprises in this area. Aside from the most common ones, such as windsurfing and water-skiing, the beaches of the island also offer a variety of “special” sports, such as kite surfing and wakeboarding. Meanwhile, if you would prefer to learn more about the history of the place, you will not be disappointed by an archeological site such as the Sanctuary of Asclepius and a sight like the church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani.

5. Folegandros

Located in the Cyclades, Folegandros is a small island with loyal fans. While preserving as much of its traditional character as possible, this island is a hidden jewel of the Aegean that is slowly becoming known. Its unique town, perched on a rock, reflects the whiteness of its houses with the colorful tints of its windows, resulting in a beautiful work of art.

Folegandros has many taverns and bakeries which serve delicious treats (most notably rakomelo and spaghetti matsata) while its bars host large groups every night.

Compared to other islands, Folegandros has relatively few organized and accessible beaches however, you can reach most of them either by boat or on foot. They are all stunning, but they are all distinct, whereas the trails that cross the entire island offer a first class opportunity for the most athletic types, or for anyone who wants to know more about the place.

4. Corfu

There can be no doubt that Corfu, with its cantons and music, with its crystal clear waters and its many sights (ranging from archeological sites to palaces), will make a popular proposal for the year 2022 – You are certain to be blown away by this island!

As the result of its natural beauty, it is a paradise for nature lovers, while beaches like Paleokastritsa offer a variety of water sports options, while the nightlife in popular resorts like Kavos and Glyfada creates a romantic atmosphere at the same time.

Last but not least, when it comes to food, try sofrito, pastitsado, or octopus burdeto – the cuisine on Corfu is amazing! From refined restaurants in Liston to traditional taverns in Liapades, the choices are simply innumerable.

3. Lefkada

One of the main benefits of Lefkada is that it can be accessed by road! With a large bridge connecting the island to the mainland, you can move wherever you want without having to wait for a ferry.

A pleasant surprise awaits you when you arrive on the island. Your vacation will be complemented by beautiful cantonments, lovely villages, delicious food, and very affordable prices. It is no coincidence that this is the sanctuary that the legendary Onassis chose, after all, that you will enjoy beautiful sea excursions to the neighboring islands.

Lefkada’s beaches, however, are what you’ll remember most. From Egremni and Porto Katsiki to Agios Nikitas, from the most cosmopolitan to the most secluded, you can enjoy some of the most crystal clear and blue waters you’ve ever seen, as well as a wide range of water activities.

2. Santorini

Can you imagine a place where the endless blue of the sea meets the glittering white of the houses perched on the rocks? Dark volcanic rocks contrast sharply with whitewashed settlements in traditional Cycladic villages? What could be more romantic than a place where luxury meets eerie landscape – and all this under a dazzling Greek sun?

Stunning sunsets, volcanic beaches, fine dining, and, of course, vinsanto are all synonymous with Santorini. Wander through Fira and Imerovigli, get lost in Oia and stroll on the Nea Kameni volcano. There is a reason why the island is one of the world’s top destinations!

1. Mykonos

A popular tourist destination in Europe for VIP holidays, Mykonos attracts thousands of tourists every year from around the world. In addition to being a hotspot for celebrities, newlyweds, and party animals, this island boasts whitewashed white houses with blue roofs, majestic, crystal clean water beaches and plenty of luxurious options.

Mykonos offers something for everyone, and you can certainly get away from the crowds and parties if you want. Wander in iconic and picturesque Mykonos villages with narrow streets and picturesque alleyways that were used by pirates as labyrinths and relax in the stunning coastline of the island, which is ideal for enjoying wine and watching the sunset and the rocky landscape.

However, it is its luxurious lifestyle that draws visitors from all over the world to the island of winds. There is nothing like Mykonos top villas for privacy and unique possibilities, fine dining restaurants with exotic dishes and wonderful bars serving unique cocktails for a holiday to remember!



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