The Essential Guide to Scottish Wedding Kilt Etiquette


You might be thinking of what to wear when it comes to Scottish Weddings, it’s a common problem that many of us face when you are looking for a Wedding Kilt. Whether you are the groom, a bride, a guest or the best man, you are likely to feel the pressure to look great among all. After all, there’s no better way to complete a Scottish Wedding theme than with a Kilts For Weddings. If you’re planning to sport one for your wedding day, here’s everything you need in order to make an informed kilt outfits purchase for your wedding day, in one handy guide!

The Full Scottish Wedding Ensemble for Men

A true traditional formal Scottish Wedding occasion, the ensemble includes more than just a kilt. You will also require a waistcoat and a Prince Charlie jacket with a traditional vest, you can make your kilt look smarter in appearance.

Wearing your Kilt to a Formal Wedding

For traditional, formal wedding occasions, your kilt should fit with the traditional evening wear attire. This follows the Prince Charlie Jacket outfit.

Prince Charlie Jacket and Waistcoat

Think of the Prince Charlie kilt outfit as the costume of kilt outfits. These days, the Prince Charlie outfit is widely considered the obvious choice for a refined, impressive, and luxurious look that shows your Scottish pride at any formal event by wearing the Prince Charlie Jacket & Waistcoat with your favourite scottish kilt. This dressy jacket can be crafted from your choice of 15-ounce Barathea wool or Vicuna wool and is black in color with a matching 3 button vest in the same color as your jacket to give it a polished look, and a trio of matching accents travels in diagonal lines along the front of the design. 

The notched lapels are a traditional feature and make the jacket even more appropriate for a formal affair like a ball or wedding. Most retailers will include the vest by default, but it’s always good to double-check and make sure that’s the case.

The Full Dress SporranThe formality of your dress tends to be determined by the jacket that you’re wearing. In this case, it’s the Prince Charlie jacket which requires a full dress sporran. As you would expect, these are the most formal type of sporran, featuring an avoid body and a metal cantle.
Wedding Kilt as Semi-formal wear
If instead, you have chosen to go for a slightly less formal daytime wedding, then an Argyll Jacket would go very fittingly with this occasion. While these look very similar to a normal jacket, they should be fitted alongside a five-buttoned waistcoat.
To accompany this jacket and waistcoat combo, you should wear a silver grey wedding tie or one that matches your tartan. It’s worth noting that a black bow tie may be necessary for the evening alongside a plain shirt (again usually white).
Black brogues or Ghillie brogues will add the perfect finish to your outfit.

The Semi-formal Sporran

While a full dress sporran is required with eveningwear to complete the look, you only need a semi dress sporran for daytime events. Differentiating themselves from the leather daywear sporran, they have a fur covering on the front body of the sporran.

Scottish Wedding Kilt Accessories

Formal or not, there are a few accessories that should accompany your kilt wherever you are.
Traditional Kilt Shirt


You can wear a classic Scottish Ghillie Shirt (with leather laces at the neckline) under your Prince Charlie Jacket or Coat which is a symbol of pride at any formal event as your favourite Highland Kilt.

The shirts come in ultra-casual Jacobite styles that can be worn to any festival, event or lunch, while the formal Scottish Shirt allows you to pair it with a tie or bow tie to be worn to weddings, formal dinners and more.

Kilt Hose & Flashes

  • To complete your look, Kilt Hose are the next most important accessory after a Kilt and Sporran.
  • All kilt hose are taller than most socks, and cover your calf. 
  • You can pair it with matching Kilt Flashes, this look cannot be outdone.
  • Kilt socks make your outfit complete, and are a must when going to a formal event. 
  • Kilt Flashes can be worn at the top of your hose to hold them up and add some decoration in the process. You can also get matching flashes just like your Tartan Pattern.
  • Kilt Hose in white or black is the traditional socks to pair with a kilt. For your feet, you can choose from a number of leather dressy looks that perfectly match with your outfit.

Kilt Pins | Brooches & Fly Plaid

  • Your choice of kilt pin is personal. Like your chosen tartan, your kilt pin is a chance to express your style and add a signature touch to your kilt outfit.
  • Your Kilt Pin is both decorative and functional.
  • Traditionally a Fly Plaid is worn with a Kilt and either a Prince Charlie Jacket or an Argyll Jacket. The Fly Plaid should be made in a tartan that matches the kilt and is worn draped over the left shoulder.


  • It can then be pinned to a shirt or jacket with a Plaid brooch or even a smaller kilt pin.
  • Women have found that it can be made into an elegant infinity Scarves by folding it into a triangle and wrapping it around the neck.

“The bride sometimes wears a blue wedding garter that plays an important role in a Scottish Wedding Reception, as it is also a tradition in some areas to bring her good luck.”

Scottish Ghillie Brogues

Leather Kilt Shoes or Ghillie Brogues as they are known, complete with long laces to criss-cross up the ankle.

Ghillie Brogue Shoes are the traditional footwear for your kilt.

Kilt shoes can be worn with formal, semi dress or casual wear.

They are made from 100% natural leather.

These Special Kilt Shoes  are comfortable to wear because stitching allows for a luxurious and flexible fit.

Our Ghillie Brogues have leather soles.

Helpful Hints for Scottish Wedding Kilts

Keep these tips in mind when you’re Shopping Kilts for your wedding:

  • You want to feel your best on your wedding day and the best way to feel confident in a kilt is to purchase one that’s made especially for you. This will ensure that the kilt is long enough and has a comfortable fit through the waist.
  • If you’re having a custom made kilts for the big day, you need to ensure that you leave enough time to receive the kilt. At Scottish Kilt Shop, we make bespoke Kilts in just 2 to 3 weeks in most cases.
  • Make sure that you’ll be able to return the kilt if it doesn’t meet your standards. This is the best way to ensure that you’re happy with the kilt that you purchase.


At the Scottish Kilt, we won’t rest until you’re satisfied. We want your wedding to be a complete success.

We hope that our guide lifts the pressure a bit and serves you well in your search. The wedding you will attend will be a hit if you buy a Kilt and Accessories from us. Need some more information about Wedding Kilts? We’ll be glad to assist you.


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