What Are the Possible Side Effects of a BodyTite Procedure?

What Are the Possible Side Effects of a BodyTite Procedure?

Troublesome fat and excess skin are one of the most prevalent concerns that motivate people to seek out plastic surgery every year. Nonetheless, numerous other patients seek less intrusive and more comfortable alternatives to surgery. For such people, competent bariatric surgeon Dr. Chad Carlton and his expert staff at LoneStar Bariatrics are happy to provide the breakthrough Bodytite technology. Check out this post to find out more concerning mildly invasive body contouring with Plano Bodytite, including the primary side effects to expect from your procedure. 

What Exactly Is the Bodytite Procedure?

Bodytite is a cutting-edge therapeutic system that uses sophisticated radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL), vacuum energy, and other innovations to reshape regions of resistant fat or wrinkled, slack skin. The process uses targeted thermal energy to dissolve fat cells, tighten the skin, and encourage the body’s natural collagen synthesis for tighter, younger-looking skin. What’s more, considering Bodytite is a minimally intrusive procedure, it could be conducted with solely local anesthetic, implying patients benefit from reduced discomfort, minimal side effects, and a more pleasant recovery than typical body-sculpting operations.

What Areas Can Bodytite Address?

Men and women across Texas may seek out the Bodytite procedure for improvements in one or more of the following regions:

  •         Abdomen
  •         Arms
  •         Thighs
  •         Back
  •         Chest
  •         Buttocks
  •         Knees

More often than not, Bodytite is employed to address numerous regions in one session for a more comprehensive makeover. To address loose skin or extra fat in areas like the neck and face, you will need a similar technique known as FaceTite.

Is There a Risk of Developing an Adverse Effect from Using Bodytite?

Bodytite, like other procedures and treatments, has the risk of negative side effects. Nevertheless, if Bodytite adverse effects do arise, they are usually minor and go away by themselves, which include:

  •         Bruising
  •         Inflammation
  •         Redness
  •         Chest tightness

Less prevalent risks associated with Bodytite include tissue or skin burns and infections in the targeted area. However, by seeking out a highly trained professional like Dr. Charlton, who has a proven track record of success with these procedures, these concerns are quite rare.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Bodytite?

Patients may anticipate minor discomfort, inflammation, and bruising right after their Bodytite procedure, but these concerns will quickly fade away. Often, patients can resume work two weeks after their therapy. Nonetheless, one must wear compression stockings round the clock in these first weeks.

Based on the intensity of your therapy, Dr. Charlton might suggest you keep off physical activity for longer. Typically, you will begin to realize enhancements in your physique in one week of having your body contouring procedure. These outcomes progressively improve with time as new collagen develops and the skin tightens.

How Many Sessions Do You Require?

Unlike standard noninvasive body contouring procedures that could take up to 6 sessions or more, Bodytite may deliver amazing, lasting outcomes in just one session. To retain your Bodytite outcomes, though, you should keep a constant weight.

Do not allow stubborn fat or extra skin to affect how you look and feel about yourself. Whether you desire quicker outcomes or a reduced recovery time, the Bodytite procedure could be ideal for you. To explore the benefits of Bodytite body contouring, call the Waxahachie or Plano, TX office or request an appointment online today.


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