How old is Symonne Harrison

How old is Symonne Harrison

This article is all about how old is Symonne Harrison. American actress, model, dancer, and social media personality Symonne Harrison has a $3-million-dollar net worth. She gained notoriety after the Cleveland Cavaliers, the basketball team from her hometown, won multiple medals at dance contests.

Symonne also became well-known for her part in the HBO television programme The Affair. She has also worked with well-known fashion and cosmetics companies, including Lip Smacker and Beach Waver.

 How old is symonne Harrison

Let us find out how old is Symonne Harrison. Symonne Harrison, born on June 19, 2006, will be 16 years old in 2022. She was raised in a family from Cleveland, Ohio, upper middle class. She is well-known to be Christian and to be an American by nationality. Symonne finished her elementary education at a local high school in Cleveland, Ohio.

She continues to attend the same high school from where she is graduating to pursue her further education. She has an interest in acting and dancing. Symonne has participated in numerous regional dance competitions and garnered numerous accolades for her city. She always wanted to work as a well-known actress and dancer in American entertainment.

Young adulthood and childhood

The age of Symonne Harrison is sixteen. She conceived on June 19, 2006, in Cleveland, Ohio, and given the sign of Gemini at birth. James Harrison is her father, and Tania Harrison is her mother. She is her parents’ lone child.

Symonne has been a very gifted dancer and actress since a young age. She also relocated to Los Angeles with her family at 11 to advance her acting career. Despite having American citizenship, she has not disclosed her ancestry.

Regarding her educational history, based on her age, she might be enrolled in secondary school right now. She hasn’t spoken out about the name of her school, though.

Relationships, Family, and Boyfriend

Jim Harrison, a businessman by profession, is Symonne Harrison’s father. Tania Harrison, a housewife, is Symonne’s mother. Additionally, she has a younger sibling whose name is unknown.

The marital status of Symonne Harrison is married. Her ex-boyfriend was Ayden Mekus, and her husband is a TikTok celebrity and well-known social media figure, Nick Bencivengo.

Professional Life

Until you know, you must have an idea of how old is Symonne Harrison. Actor Symonne Harrison was born in Ohio and worked professionally. When she first performed on stage at three, she discovered her love of entertainment. She has trained in dance for over nine years and has performed at Walt Disney World and national competitions.

Professional Life

Her acting career also began when she was 7 years old, under the representation of an Ohio agent. For her to pursue her passion for performing, her family relocated to California. She has appreciated honing her skill, taking acting classes with other performers, and developing as an actress. Symonne appeared in the Showtime series The Affair with Emily Browning.

She is also a young inventor, and Bear On The Chair, the product she created, has a design patent. She is privileged to serve as the Ambassador of the National Invention League. Her product got showcased in a Christmas episode of the television programme “Black-ish.”

She also adores modelling and has done so for the magazine Art and Beauty. She is also famous as a social influencer because of her rapidly expanding YouTube channel and Instagram.

Fame on social media

The earliest video she has uploaded to her channel is “ALL ABOUT ME!! Since June 16, 2018, “WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL” has been available. Her YouTube channel features stuff relating to lifestyle, DIY, fashion, and baking tutorials. She enjoys cooking. She then posted Q&A videos in which she responded to queries from fans. On May 28, 2020, “WHO CAN GAIN THE MOST WEIGHT IN 24 HOURS CHALLENGE! **GONE WRONG** || Symonne Harrison,” one of her most well-liked videos, debuted. There have been nearly 623,596 views of the video. Her YouTuber pals Piper Rockelle, Sophie Fergi, Lev Cameron, Ayden Mekus, Emily Dobson, Sawyer Sharbino, and Jentzen Ramirez are all featured in the video.

The videos “My Best Friend Surprised Me With A MEGA MANSION **MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE TOUR**,” “BOYS VS GIRLS TIKTOK LIFE HACK CHALLENGE! **GONE WRONG**?” and “PAUSE CHALLENGE (ft. THE SQUAD) **TEA**” are a few others worth watching on the channel. The views are in the hundreds of thousands.

Her YouTube channel currently has more than 2.4 million views and close to 128K subscribers. In addition, she has a huge following on Instagram and Tik Tok, where she is very active. She frequently continues to work on Tik Tok and YouTube videos with her other social media star buddies. Her Tik Tok account currently has 4.8 million likes and 350.1k followers.

Physical Qualities

Symonne Harrison is a young, stunningly pretty girl with a charming and alluring attitude. With good body proportions and a beautifully shaped thin body type, she has a gorgeous and curvy form. Her approximate body measurements are 32-28-35 inches.

Physical Qualities

She is approximately 45 kg in weight and 5 feet 1 inch tall. She has stunning long, dark brown hair and stunning fascinating eyes that are blazing dark brown. Now you know all about how old is Symonne Harrison and his physical qualities.


Symonne Harrison started her career life as a dancer and performer in the entertainment sector. She has competed in numerous dancing competitions and has garnered numerous honours and trophies. Symonne has also worked with well-known fashion and cosmetics companies, including Beach Waver and Lip Smacker. Along with well-known actors like Dominic West, Ruth Wilson, Joshua Jackson, and others, she has also been in the popular television series The Affair. She also established a company called Bear on the Chair and obtained a patent for its design.

Additionally, she has modelled for well-known companies and been featured in numerous art and beauty publications. She also provided entertainment for the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball club. She is also active on numerous social media networks, with a sizable fan following.

Value of Symonne Harrison

Symonne Harrison has a $3 million net worth as of 2022. She primarily makes money from social networking, dancing, and acting. Commercials for brands, compensated collaborations, and sponsorships are her second source of revenue.

Summing Up

Her hobbies include:

  • Dancing
  • Particularly hip hop and acrobatic dance styles
  • Making videos for social media sites

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Lastly, she admires the acting prowess of well-known Hollywood actor Will Smith, and she spends most of her holidays in Las Vegas, her favourite vacation spot. It was all you needed to know about how old is Symonne Harrison.


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