Top Benefits of Space Automation


Automating your domestic space is an increasingly convenient process that makes it easy to connect appliances and devices. Who would have thought that a person could talk to a speaker to control the light? Not only has it become easy to do, but the cost is constantly decreasing. Depending on the product, the energy savings will offset the price you paid for the first few years of installation. These savings will allow you to spend money on other things you love.

If you think it’s a long, challenging, and costly process, that’s not exactly true, as you can choose only some of the devices or elements of home space automtion to cover your needs and get the necessary comfort level. Many exciting and useful DIY projects can be performed using  to automate TV stands, desks, windows, shelves, cat doors, and a lot of other furniture units.

What are the key advantages of home space automation?

1. Save money

The most common money saver in your home is energy. Depending on the climate where you live, electricity bills may vary. You have to control turning off the lights, take shorter showers, and even cook meals later to keep costs down. Instead of taking these “extreme measures”, you can reduce costs by automatically controlling heating and cooling. Also, use sensors to turn off the lights, and detect water leakage at the right time before flooding.

Heating and cooling

About half of your electricity bills are for heating and cooling. A smart thermostat will help you with Wi-Fi, get remote access to control the temperature, and improve energy efficiency. Smart thermostats can learn your temperature preferences with help. These algorithms take motion detection into account to determine if you’re out for work during the day or out at night. When you are within a certain radius of your home, it can automatically turn on depending on the location. Algorithms can also determine your temperature preferences.

Water leak

A water leak can cause thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. From destroying the foundation of your home to damaging documents, clothing, furniture, and home appliances. A water leak sensor is needed in order to notify you of problems with pipes and connected plumbing. It can shut off water valves to prevent a small leak that could turn into a major problem. The sensor or detector can send an audio alert or message directly to your smartphone. It depends on how advanced your system is.

2. Security

Feeling safe in your home is the most important thing. Smart products you don’t know about would give you peace of mind.


Control your lighting remotely from your phone, Alexa or Google Home, or Apple Watch. Set a schedule so that the lights turn on when you get home. Nobody likes to come home from work or spend the night in a dark house or apartment. If you’re on vacation, ensure your peace of mind by leaving the lights on at night to make it look like you’re in it.

Doorbell camera

Doorbell cameras are becoming more and more popular. Products like Ring, Nest, and August detect motion at the door and send alerts via text, email, or in-app notifications. Other features on the app include a dog barking while you’re away and someone rings the doorbell. You can chat with unknown visitors and much more.

Security cameras

Smart home security cameras are outdoor devices designed to detect motion and keep your home safe. Many big players have entered the camera market such as Honeywell, Ring and others. You access real-time updates, chat with visitors and receive notifications via your smartphone.

3. Reliability

A reliable product is a product that you can rely on without thinking about it. Home automation is fighting to lower prices and improved reliability. Imagine you are 1000 km away from your house and someone is trying to open your door. A standard doorbell will not be reliable enough to keep your home safe.

The same scenario with the Ring doorbell represents a significant difference between a reliable and not reliable product. The doorbell alerts your phone and you can turn on the siren or talk to the person to scare them away. Even when a human is at the door and you’re busy having fun, let the automated dogs bark when they hit the doorbell. Reliable and safe products provide convenience and peace of mind.

4. Availability

Typically, you spend 30% to 50% more on smart products compared to standard “dumb” products. Since the era of voice integration with smart products, the market has continued to cut prices to make devices more affordable. At the same time-saving money on Prospect podiatry electricity bills.

5. Convenience

Convenience is the hallmark of smart home devices. The Smart Home Industry offers a wide range of products from Do It Yourself (DY) to professionals.

Smart products are created for any sphere of life. Gamers use the lighting controls to set scenes as they play, artists dim the lights while painting, and anyone can use the doorbell.


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