Five Important Points to Know About Arthritis

Five Important Points to Know About Arthritis

Many people have been diagnosed with arthritis making it one of the major causes of disability. The number is still increasing since not many people get the right treatment. The condition has affected a variety of people ranging from children to adults. Getting the right diagnosis and treatment for arthritis may be daunting. However, at Integrity Orthopedics, the team led by Dr. Muradov has extensive experience as they have provided quality patient care and commendable results. They will examine and formulate a plan that suits your needs. Here are facts about arthritis you need to know before booking an appointment.

 Arthritis Is Not Limited to Adults

Although arthritis is common in older adults, it affects young people, including children. Everybody is prone to experiencing arthritis symptoms in the same way without distinguishing the age gap. Children who suffer from arthritis may not have a cure, but the disease disappears permanently, leaving behind any possible damages. However, early diagnosis may prevent or minimize damage to the joints.

Factors That Increase Your Chances of Developing Arthritis

Some factors may accelerate the chances of getting arthritis. Some factors may not be controlled, including age, sex, and inherited genes. Other factors may be controlled, including smoking, infection, occupation, joint injuries, and body weight. If you manage these risk factors as they should, you minimize the chances of worsening your arthritis condition.

Joint-Friendly Activities Benefit People with Arthritis

When suffering from arthritis, one major recommendation is physical activities that help manage the symptoms. Physical activities are also important in managing arthritis without using medications. Some recommendations include walking, swimming, and dancing, which are joint-friendly. They help in weight management, improving heart condition, increasing body energy, decreasing pain, and improving motion and body function. When you begin the activities, some symptoms, including pain, swelling, and stiffness, go away once you are used to the activities. Your doctor will recommend the amount of time you should allocate to physical activities every day to help manage your condition.

Self-Management Is an Essential Form of Managing Your Arthritis

Arthritis is manageable, but you have to be more active in your day-to-day activities to manage your condition easily. Your ability to track your symptoms and control your health by making healthy choices will minimize the severity of the condition. If you can learn the strategies to cope with your physical and emotional challenges, this will help manage your arthritis. Some important strategies that you should manage include pain, stress, improving mood and your diet.

The Weather May Make a Difference

Arthritis may behave differently under different weather conditions. When the atmospheric pressure changes, the pain may go up. You can use painkillers and apply ice to relieve the pain during this time.

Arthritis has affected many people, and most have not gotten the right remedy. It may cause discomfort to the extent of denying you from enjoying your daily life. The pain may become intense, making your life uncomfortable. Do not let the pain limit your daily life while you can get treatment. You can begin by scheduling an online consultation or calling their office today.


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