An Inside Look into Coolsculpting

An Inside Look into Coolsculpting

Exercise and diet are proven ways to lose extra pounds, but they may not effectively get rid of stubborn fat in your thighs, belly, upper arm, butt, and chin. The good news is that non-invasive medical procedures such as Coolsculpting® Elite Shreveport help eliminate excess fat cells, leaving your skin and other tissues unharmed. Coolscultping is a non-surgical procedure and doesn’t use needles, so it is painless and requires no downtime. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative for individuals who are not eligible for liposuction.

Who is a good candidate for coolsculpting?

Most people who are generally healthy and at their ideal weight but want to get rid of fat deposits on specific body areas are eligible for fat freezing. Although coolsculpting has fewer risks and requires less downtime, it is still a medical procedure, so it is recommended for people with good overall health. The healthier you are, the less likely you will experience side effects such as nerve pain and bruising. Let your doctor know if you have health problems such as cold urticaria, cryoglobulinemia, or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria.

Your practitioner may recommend against fat freezing if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Although research hasn’t been done to determine how coolsculpting could affect the fetus or pregnancy, scheduling for fat freezing during the nine months of pregnancy may not be reasonable. The above is because the body changes during pregnancy; you might gain weight during the nine months or have additional fat deposits after birth. Thus the results of coolsculpting may not be visible during or after pregnancy.

If you are not currently pregnant but are considering getting kids, postponing treatment until you’ve had kids may be worthwhile.

What are the risks of coolsculpting?

Although coolsculpting is generally safe, there are a few side effects. For example, you may feel a pulling or tugging on your skin during the procedure. You may also experience aching, pain, and stinging on the treated area due to exposure to cold temperatures. Usually, post-treatment pain goes away within three to 11 days without medical treatment. Exposure to low temperatures may also cause swelling, bruising, sensitivity, and temporary skin discoloration; they usually resolve on their own within weeks.

Coolsculpting can also result in paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, a severe side effect that increases the number of fat cells instead of reducing it. This complication can occur wherever you are treated and usually happens two to three months after the procedure.

What happens during coolsculpting?

During coolsculpting, your practitioner places the target body part between two paddles; the applicators cool quickly and are left in place for about 30 minutes to one hour and 15 minutes. During this time, the low temperatures destroy approximately 20-25% of fat cells in the targeted area. You may feel a cold sensation and some pulling or tugging on the skin. Results may not be visible immediately after treatment, but you may notice some changes after a few weeks. It is usually safe to drive yourself home and resume normal activities immediately after cryolipolysis.

If you are unhappy with stubborn fat areas, consult your Kenneth Sanders Facial Plastic Surgery specialist for coolsculpting to attain your desired body shape.


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