Knowledgeable points about GUARDIAN BELL MOTORCYCLE

Knowledgeable points about GUARDIAN BELL MOTORCYCLE

If riding is your passion, you know very well that safety is one of the major concerns in this field. Your well-wishers are also worried about your safety. You can never be careless during riding because one careless act can bring you to any serious accident or even to death. If you are very good rider and always stay careful still you are not sure about your safety. For this guardian motorcycle is going to work as an angel. Guardian bell is small in size but works greatly. Guardian bell is not just a bell for decorating your bike. It is like a hidden weapon of yours against road gremlins. Road gremlins are evil spirits who always try to harm. Let’s learn more about motorcycle guardian bell.

Things to be considered when purchasing Motorcycle Guardian bell

Motorcycle guardian bell has been used by bikers for many years. Now it has a become a tradition for them to hang a motorcycle guardian bell while riding. When you are going to buy a motorcycle guardian bell, you should consider few things that I am going mention below:

  • The first thing that you will check about motorcycle guardian bell is its material. Motorcycle guardian bell is made of different materials but the most commonly used is Cast Iron. You will also find motorcycle guardian bell made with Brass or Pewter. It’s totally your concern which one you choose.
  • Second thing to be considered is the design of motorcycle guardian bell. You can see many designs of motorcycle guardian bell in the market. Some of them are designed in such a way that are showing message of good luck but some of them just shows a sophisticated design. You can get any one you like.
  • Next thing you should think about when buying a motorcycle guardian bell is how you will hang it. Some motorcycle guardian bell are attached with handlebar, some are attached with mirror of the motorcycle and some of them can also be hanged with clothing. You can hang the motorcycle guardian bell as you want but take care that it should be right place to hang the it.

Varieties of Guardian bell Motorcycle

Lots of varieties of guardian bell motorcycle can be seen in market. Some types are designed in such a way that they can be attached with handlebars, some of them can be hung with the bike itself. Some varieties of guardian bell motorcycle  are given below:

  • The most renowned type of guardian bell motorcycle is Key chain guardian bell motorcycle. Most bikers like to hang this key chain guardian bell motorcycle. You can attach this bell to handlebar or any part of motorcycle without any effort.
  • Bike attached guardian bell motorcycle is also very famous among bikers and it can also be easily hanged on the motorcycle.  It is normally produced using metal and highly support for attachment. You can attach it at any part but most bikers attach it on gas tankers.
  • Rider’s neck guardian bell motorcycle shows by its name that riders hang this bell to their neck. They hang to it personally if they like to have some extra safety. This guardian bell motorcycle is produced by using cowhide and containing a ring on the top. 

Guardian bell-A protection angel

Guardian bell is an angel of protection. This statement is absolutely right because this is your best friend and also guardian in long rides to protect you from hazards. Maybe you are thinking that how this little guardian bell can protect you. This has good spirits that fights with bad spirits on road to keep you safe.

There are lots of bad spirits on road that is also called gremlins. They are always waiting for anyone on road to harm him. But if you have guardian bell on your motorcycle, you have no need to worry about them. Guardian bell is always there to protect you.

Gremlins hate ringing sound of Guardian bell. The reason is guardian bell trap them by it sound in its hollow. When guardian bell rings they haven’t any way to run away. Their powers weaken by this sound and they are captured in it. In this way guardian bell proves that it is a protection angel for you.

Final thoughts

If you want to give a gift to your fellow rider or anyone who is close to you. This is an amazing gift for him because you will not be worried about his safety after giving guardian bell motorcycle. But one important thing about this is you should not buy a guardian bell for yourself because powers of motorcycle guardian bell can be helpful for you if this a gift. Guardian bell fights for you against road evils and protect you from hazards.


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