Best Way to Make a Kid’s Birthday in A Budget


Utter the word “birthday” in front of a child and you will notice a wide grin spreading across their innocent face. Birthdays have been special to people since times bygone. Even people in their late adulthood get excited over the celebration of the day when they were born. One can only imagine how much birthdays mean to kids. 

Birthdays give you an opportunity to portray your affection to your child. Being a parent; you must be wanting to throw your child an awesome celebration. Over the years; the concept of celebrations has greatly changed.  Simple sheet cakes, assorted colour balloons, streamers, draw the tail on the donkey and of course, dance your heart away is no more how birthdays are celebrated. Today, parties demand more than the generic stuff. A party needs to be good enough to blow up the social media of your kid. The set-up must be aesthetic and Pinterest-worthy. 

Celebrating your kid’s birthday so grand will probably cost you a fortune. However, remember that a fun celebration doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny; there are several ways in which you could still manage to make your child’s birthday absolutely memorable. 

Here we have compiled a few tips that will assist you to throw an affordable celebration without giving up on amusement!

1] Keep your guest list small

Quality over quantity is a strategy you must apply if you want to make your kid’s day special while maintaining your budget. The more the merrier is of course good but there is no rule that a party won’t be successful without a huge crowd. Shorten the list of invitees. Invite only the ones your kid is really close to. You do not have to invite all their classmates since that will probably get you bankrupt. You will probably have some relatives over too; so, limit the friends count to 10. 

2] Pick a theme you already have decorations for

Today, theme parties are very trendy and are spreading like wildfire. They are very amusing since the theme allows your child to enter a fantasy world. Your child could be a marvel fan, crazy about Star Wars or any other show. Pick a theme that you have materials for. Even if you can fabricate the decorations using the existing material, you can save on a lot of expenses.  This is not only pocket-friendly but also makes more sense since the décor will probably be used only for a day and your child’s interests will change over time.


3] Take them to a place they always desired to go 

You cannot stick to the standards if you want your child’s birthday to be exceptional. Go beyond the normal and take your child on a road trip! You could choose the destination based on what your kid likes to do. You could go to an amusement park and scream through the rides together; you could take them to an aquarium, go ice-skating, watch a movie together and so on. Fill the day with activities your child likes to pursue. This won’t cost you exorbitant amounts since it will be only you, your child and maybe a maximum of 5 other people. 

4]  Video Gifts 

Gifts are what give meaning to a birthday. Buy your kid something they have always talked about. The choice of gifts can be huge and could be greatly subjective, so here we shall talk about something that is not a concrete gift. Gifts usually cost a lot but the price of a gift never matters. They do not have to be expensive objects as long as it makes the receiver feel special; gifts serve their purpose. 


Video gifts are something that has been gaining popularity since the pandemic. Due to people being restricted from contact, the only way to present a gift was digitally. This led people to recognize how heart-warming, thoughtful and cherishable video gifts are. Check here how you can make a birthday compilation video gift  You can bring together people from every corner of the world and collate a video wishing your kid a very happy birthday! To add an element of surprise and awe, you can request your kid’s favourite celebrity to wish them too! Additionally; all of this comes at a very small cost! You can utilize online tools to simplify the process and create a stunning professional video for your kid as a surprise! 

5] Double up with the birthday of a friend or cousin 

If your kid is not really possessive about his own birthday, you can double up with the birthday of a friend or cousin, which comes at a nearby date and split the expenses. This way you can throw a grand party and make it a huge success since the responsibilities are shared not only monetarily but also otherwise. 

Lastly; ask what your child would like for their birthday. If your kid has their own idea of how to spend their special day; focus on that and don’t spend unnecessarily on other stuff. Throw a memorable bash that your child will remember for a lifetime; and remember, you don’t have to push the boat out!


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