How to Maximise Space in Your Student Flat

Student Flat

Moving to university and having the opportunity to live in a new place independently is exciting. Having no parents complaining about coming home late after a night out is a true sign you’ve become an adult. 

But quite often when new university students move into their accommodation, they’re let down by the inadequate space on offer from the residence. 

Whether it is University owned halls, or owned by a private landlord, it can be a bit deflating when all your plans to decorate your flat crumble upon seeing that the flat is smaller than you thought it would be.

But fear not! We’re here to give you some tips on how you can organise and decorate your flat to not only make use of all floor-to-ceiling space, but also make the space in your student flat appear much bigger than it might actually be. So listen in…

Only pack the essentials

You might be tempted to take everything you own with you when you first move out, but it can be counterproductive when trying to find storage space for all your things. 

Chances are you’re not going to be using a lot of your possessions when you’re socialising and studying for the majority of your time. 

So take only what you absolutely need, and if you find yourself missing anything, bring it back with you when you’re next at home! 

This will eliminate any unnecessary clutter, helping you to save that precious space in your flat.

Use mirrors and bright lights

Mirrors are absolutely your friend in small spaces. Having large mirrors in your room can really open up the space by essentially ‘adding’ another room by extension in the reflection of the mirror. 

It can also help brighten dark rooms by reflecting light from windows back into the room, rather than the light being absorbed by the walls. And more light will always help make a room feel a bit larger.

Having brighter lights around the house also helps to bring more colour to your student space, making colours on your bedding and wallpaper pop with vitality!

Make the most of stackable storage and level splitting

There are many cheap options for stackable storage. Most come in the form of plastic or fabric square boxes that can be towered up to the ceiling with relative safety. 

By utilising all the floor-to-ceiling space, it can prevent using too much floor space, keeping rooms uncluttered.

Make the most of any storage below the mattress, or if you have a multi-level bed that you can fit a desk under, use it! 

Opt for minimalist decor

It all comes back to clutter. When shopping for your decorations, opting for a minimalist design in your flat can help to give the illusion of neatness, even if you’re a messy person. 

It’s not the be all and end all if you want a cosy room with tapestries and posters hanging up, as this can make your flat feel more homely. It’s all about striking a balance between cosy and open air. 

The most important thing is to do what fits your style best! Having a room that truly shows off your personality can be much more pleasurable than keeping things bare and basic. Personalise your flat your way with Novel student accommodation in Birmingham.



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