Crypto Casinos and everything you should know


There is so much information out there and not enough time to sift through it, so I’ve made getting started a bit easier. This article breaks down everything you need to know about Crypto Online Casinos before you get started. It cuts out all the confusion and the mistakes some beginners make.

What are Crypto Casinos?

So for the sake of any beginners’ reading this, a crypto casino is basically an online casino that lets you use cryptocurrencies. Think of the crypto coins like casino chips at a traditional ‘Land’ casino. Instead of using a traditional currency to deposit into a casino, players are looking for a more secure, anonymous way of gambling. And that’s one of the great things about a crypto casino, they have improved everything wrong with the traditional online casinos.


Developers of Crypto casinos have thought of everything, one of the main advantages of using cryptocurrencies is blockchain, which enables the existence of cryptos and creates an incredibly secure and decentralized list of transactions that are all encrypted. This brings us to our first advantage.


With blockchain technology, it ensures that everything you have won and lost can be checked. But why would you want to do this? Simply put, traditional casinos make it difficult to check the Return to Player. Some casinos will show you RTPs for each game which helps you with your decisions on what to play and where to play.


Firstly, if you’re online, you can ensure 100% anonymity, but it ensures a lot more player privacy than a regular online casino. Cryptos will never ask for personal information, some casinos may not even ask you for KYC, so if that is something you would prefer, make sure to research those sites.


It completely bypasses the frustration of waiting for bank approvals so transactions are almost instant and you can start playing immediately. Withdrawals processing times are also way quicker than a traditional online casino.


Crypto casinos will still offer an insane amount of variety with your games, you will most definitely be able to play all your favorites, but with better developers and with sites that are 100x easier to navigate.


In life, nothing is ever really perfect, but compared to a traditional casino, the pros outweigh the cons.

Wagering requirements

Crypto casinos are no different and also require a minimum wage requirement before players can process their withdrawals.

Values may decrease

Cryptocurrencies are not always the most stable, as with every currency, they may fluctuate so do make sure you keep that in mind.

Scams and Hackers

Always be vigilant and make sure you choose licensed sites so you don’t fall prey to scams and hackers. 

How to choose the best Crypto Casino

It’s best to ask yourself these questions when you’re looking for the best Crypto Casino for you.

  • Make sure you can use your chosen cryptocurrency with them
  • Are they licensed?
  • Are their customer service options available and responsive?
  • Do they have epic welcome bonuses and promotions?
  • Do they offer your favorite games?
  • Are they easy to navigate and use

As long as you do your research and know your sites and chosen currency, the benefits of Crypto Casinos are well worth the risk.


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