Matador: Revolutionizing Men’s Athleisure Wear


Athleisure, am I right? Who’s up to strut their stuff in flimsy lycra that shows every bulge? It’s hard enough to drag yourself out of bed for that morning run, no need to feel like a nudist doing it! Even if you’ve got the calves of your dreams and abs to die for (and yes, we saw that butt too), there’s limits to what the sleepy public can handle on a summer morning. 

Men, it’s time for a leggings revolution. If you’ve been clinging to your favorite boardshorts and that grungy pair of sweatpants that last fitted properly when you were still running track in high    school, it’s time for a serious wardrobe update before the fashion police kick in the door. The Battle of the Bulge is officially over. The winner? Team You.

It’s time to ditch the rags and swagger with the grace and attitude of a matador. The chance to call yourself a bull with absolutely no whiff of accompanying fertilizer behind it? An absolute bonus. Gents, it’s time to meet MATADOR MEGGINGS.

What are meggings, Anyway?

Take the very best of sports fabric technology, add the flash and style of a pop star, and just a hint of manly swagger, and you have the Matadors. We’re talking serious 21st-century athletic wear, now re-rolled with the fun, flirty, (and f*ckable) vibes you’ve always wanted. From the dance floor to the weight bench, MATADOR MEGGINGS has you covered.


Why Would I Wear Them?

It’s ok, you can be honest- you’ve always wanted to try spandex for real, right? There’s nothing like a pair of pants that showcases the legs and butt you’ve worked so hard on. Plus, if you’re serious about your workouts, we all know that men’s leggings let you work out faster, harder, and better than shorts or sweats ever will. No chafing, no irritating flapping, the added benefits of compression tech to help keep your muscles pumping and blood flowing as you pound out reps? 

But men’s athletic wear has lagged seriously behind the ladies. Thin, boring, too skimpy for even the toughest ego, and So. Much. Bulging. Luckily, Matador has found a solution for them all.

Banish the Bulge

Let’s talk VPL for a moment. Visible Penis Line. the reason most men shy away from tight workout gear. Great to show off to your special someone or get extra attention in the club- not so great to flash the whole gym with. MATADOR MEGGINGS offer a comfortable, shaped crotch built just for the male anatomy, holding everything secure so you can focus on your reps. And added discretion through a removable modesty pad that repackages what your momma gave you for the eyes of the world.

And if you are feeling a little more flirty than normal? It can be slipped out too. Shh… we won’t tell!


Workout Support

Now add a whole bunch of smart support. Pockets- zipped and unzipped, too. A towel loop (or shirt loop, if you’re feeling extra bold). A non-slip waist and hidden drawstring for the fit of your dreams. And the very best, high-quality, tough fabric that wicks sweat, adds some compression for better workouts and ensures you look and feel your best. It’s total workout coverage, just great to look at, too. Take it to your favorite spin class, or wear it to the club. They transition seamlessly, living life with you.

The Meggings Mastermind

Valentine Aseyo, yoga instructor, LGBTQ entrepreneur, and the bull behind the brand, saw a gap (or is that bulge) in the market for men’s athletic wear that actually works. Inspired by the grace, style, and swagger of the manly matador, he set out to create an athleisure brand that offered men more than just baggy shorts and the hope their boxers could hold it all in.

A lofty goal, but one he did so much more with than anticipated. Matador isn’t just a sports legging. It’s a brand that’s built a global community of bulls. Men supporting men to be their very best, no matter what that looks like for you, from all walks of life and across all spectrums of the human experience.

If you’re looking for workout gear that works, bringing you comfort, grace, and heapings of style too, it’s time to give Matador Meggings a try. We promise you won’t be sorry you did!


Our Favorites

Still not so sure about trying some Meggings on for size? Here’s two adorable pairs we couldn’t resist- and you won’t be able to, either. The whole range pops with color and style, from the sleek to the avant-garde, so don’t be shy to explore the full collection, either.

Marble Meggings

Unleash the gladiator within with elegance and evocative tease all-in-one. White-on-white is a bold choice, but it’s one that will turn heads wherever you go.

 Gray Camo Meggings

This is what monochrome has always wanted to be. Slightly serious, slightly naughty, with a military vibe that is cool and calm enough not to look like you’re trying too hard. The contrasting black insets make you look trim and slim, and it’s an adorable blend of serious and sexy. 



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