Cute Outfit Ideas Inspired by Celebs


Are you getting ready to head to your next big event? Then, you’re going to need to make a statement. Dolce & Gabbana could be the best option if you want to have an outfit inspired by what celebrities are wearing. Here are some of our combinations that could be a showstopper for your next formal outing.

Dolce & Gabbana Maxi Skirt and Crop Top

Our maxi skirts are a great way to show off all your curves. A slit up the side is also an excellent way to show off some leg. Pair it with a crop top. Pair it with a thin belt and some sneakers to embrace the recent celebrity retro trends. That will give you a sporty ’90s vibe.

Jeans and a Corset

As mentioned, retro is in, and that means flared jeans. Wear dark denim for a more formal look, and some slits in the ankles can help with that. Pair them with a corset. Glitter and extra ornamentation will give you a celeb-inspired look. Don’t forget to accessorize appropriately. Go for heels and a big bag to dress up the semi-casual look. Also, hoop earrings can add to the retro feel.


Many celebrities have been attending events in plain dresses. These are a single color with minimal ornamentation. Instead, they go for extras on the accessories. If you want this style, try a plain T-dress with funky heels and statement jewelry, such as rings and earrings.

Knit Dress

Try knit dresses if you’re up for stealing a more casual style from celebrities. These stay with the plain trend, and you can dress them up with accessories, but they can be even more comfortable than T-dresses. The only potential problem is that the material is not quite as formal.


Every woman, even celebrities, knows you need a little black dress. So if you’re in a pinch, break out your LBD and pair it with those statement heels and earrings the actors have embraced.


Pantsuits are perfect for a formal event because, as you’ve probably seen lately, you can wear them almost any way you want. You can wear the entire pants, jacket, and vest combo. You can wear just the vest and pants. You can wear just the jacket and pants, etc., etc. Make sure you copy the celebs and wear pumps and some statement earrings for the formal look. If you want to go less formal, ditch those for some flip-flops and sunglasses. Remember, wear a fancy bralette if you choose to go without a vest.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a fun and simple design. That said, you can choose your pattern and make them more attractive. For example, if you want to break the celebrity trend of wearing plain dresses, a maxi dress is a perfect way to do this because it still maintains simplicity in its design.

The list of cute, celebrity-inspired outfits you could wear is nearly endless.


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