Facebook Advertising: Custom Audiences and Dual Target Audience


On Facebook, you can target your ads based on demographics and interests, but there are customized audiences and dual-target audiences for more effective and relevant communication, says an executive at Grizzly New Marketing.

How well do you know your own target group and customers and the communication according to their information needs? The Facebook advertising tool is an effective aid in the work of a digital marketer, but the tool itself does not make marketing effective but that it gets the customer a timely message that takes into account his interest in the company’s products and services.

You can create audiences based on interests and demographics. The areas of interest are various broad topics (eg management, business, marketing) and various brands (Iittala, Finlayson), in which case advertising is targeted at users who are interested in Facebook pages or groups related to these themes. Demographics can be used to select age, gender, family status, or even a user’s professional title and industry.

In addition, target groups can be created as custom audiences, with the target group based on user activity on either the Facebook / Instagram page, updates or published videos (engagement) or website visits. These custom audiences can be used to create dual creature groups that consist of users similar to custom audiences. That is, you can create similar audiences based on your customer or marketing registry, eCommerce purchasers, contacts, leads, or website visitors.

In this Facebook Live broadcast [save], I’ll go through targeting Facebook advertising and creating custom audiences.

You can target your ads to users who have already visited your website or a specific page.

If your Facebook page Followers are active and committed to your updates – make a so-called dual-purpose target group made up of users with similar usage habits to the current Followers on your Facebook page.

You can target your message to people who have committed to your previous content, such as page updates, videos, and past advertising.

Facebook custom audiences

Here are all the options for creating custom audiences and dual audiences that you can create to enhance your advertising:

A custom audience is made up of “identified” users who have already performed certain functionality on a company’s website, application, or pages, such as either visiting a website or committing to Facebook updates, ads, or a Facebook page. From the point of view of targeting and communication, the awareness of the target group has been aroused and interest has been aroused with relevant and inspiring content.

Here are the different options for creating custom audiences:

Visitors to the website:

Remarketing for Website Visitors (Anyone Visiting the Website)

Remarketing to visitors on a specific page (s)

Remarketing based on the time spent by the user

Based on website functionality (Requires Facebook tracking pixel and goal tracking for website/store).

For example, remarketing to users who have added a product to the cart but have not made a purchase or similarly have purchased from an online store (NOTE! You can also exclude the audience)

Targeting based on customer or marketing registry

Based on customer registry information. The customer list is uploaded to Facebook (in XSL. Or CSV format) and you can add the value of the customer relationship if you wish. You can use this to create similar dual target groups.

Based on the marketing registry in MailChimp.

Video Views

You can create a custom audience based on views of selected videos (users have watched the video for either 3 or 10 seconds, or 25%, 50%, 75%, or 95%). These videos may be included in a previous campaign, updated on a Facebook page, or published on Instagram.

Committed to a Facebook page or Instagram profile (Company Profile)

You can create custom audiences based on different user actions, such as

users who have visited your company’s FB or IG profile

users who are committed to the company’s publications or ads

users who have sent a private message to the company

users who have saved a post or ads

users who clicked the call-to-action (in ads, on FB, Facebook only)

Engaged in lead advertising

Based on lead engagement, you can create audiences from users who:

clicked on the lead ad but did not complete the form

clicked on the lead ad and filled out the form

or users who made the above options

Facebook events

Based on the commitment and information of the Facebook event, audiences can be created from users who

have responded to attend the event

are interested in the event

have visited the event page

have committed, expressed an interest in purchasing a ticket or purchase a ticket.

Engaged in Instant Experience ads

Instant Experience is a mobile ad format for Facebook. A custom audience can be created based on a user opening an Instant Experience ad and/or clicking on a link in the ad.

Based on application usage

You can create a target audience based on the information and usage of the app connected to Facebook (e.g., have opened the app, are active users, have made purchases).

Related to corporate (offline) service events

You can upload a list of customers you have done in-store, over the phone, or through other events or appointments to the Business Manager.

The dual-target group of Facebook advertising and its creation

A dual-target audience is a target audience used in Facebook advertising that consists of users similar to current / potential customers or Followers of some of the company’s channels. If the marketing mix and the different channels play well together (a website that is well-found in the search engine attracts buying and potential customers, and FB Followers are active), dual-target groups are a good starting point for the first campaign.


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