What To Know Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

roofing contractor

A roof is a crucial part of your house. Therefore, you should ensure it is installed properly to save you money on frequent repairs. The first consideration is hiring the right contractor because the quality of your roofing project will depend on the roofer you hire.

Do They Offer a Warranty?

A warranty is one of the most important things you should check. When roofing, you need a manufacturer’s warranty and a workmanship warranty. The manufacturer’s warranty covers defects in roofing materials, and a quality warranty covers roof installation mistakes. Roofers should be responsible for their mistakes.


Is the roofer located nearby? It’s essential to hire experts like IKO roofing professionals with an office nearby. This way, you can visit the office anytime if you have any concerns. Also, a nearby roofer understands the local weather; thus, they can advise you on the best roofing material.

Licensed and Insured

The local governments offer licenses to contractors who have passed multiple tests and understand the industry well. So, if you find a licensed roofer, it means they have had formal training in roofing. In addition, look for an insured contractor. Insurance covers your home and the workers at the site in case of damage and accident.

The Roofer’s Reputation

It’s best to check the roofer’s reputation before hiring them. A good contractor should be humble, transparent, and trustworthy. A roofer with a bad name shows they have issues with clients or the quality and standard of their work. Check on the internet by typing the contactor’s name on a local listing and see how past clients have rated them.


Check the roofer’s qualifications. Even without checking the paper qualifications, you will get a clear picture of the roofer’s qualifications by checking past work. Ask them for references and confirm the roofer indeed is qualified to roof using products like IKO shingles. Check out their portfolio online and see the samples. You can also ask your family or friends for recommendations for a qualified contractor.

Years of Experience

Roofing contractors come and go. Others remain in the industry for years. A roofer who has passed the test of time shows they have gained experience in the business. Also, a contractor with many years of experience can handle any roofing project and offer unique solutions.

Get Multiple Quotes

Always get multiple quotes before settling on a contractor. Doing so will help you compare prices and settle on a fair price. If you don’t take your time, you could be overcharged or get poor-quality work. Choosing a roofing contractor is challenging, especially for first-time roofers. To get the best roofer, check years of experience, licensure, insurance, physical location, and reputation.


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