Is Ceramic Cookware Better than Stainless Steel?


If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen essentials, then one thing to consider is whether or not you want to use ceramic cookware or stainless steel cookware.

 There is an ongoing debate as to which of the two is better. And which of the two are ultimately safer to use in your kitchen.

 The debate seems to have been going on for quite some time. This is why we are looking to put a stop to it now. We are going to lay out all there is to know about both and the advantages and disadvantages both come with, you will then be able to make the decision for yourself.

 Full disclaimer: we are team ceramic cookware and by the end of our comparison you will totally be too.


What to Consider

When it comes to considering all the factors that go into using ceramic cookware and the factors you want to have, the list is actually very lengthy. First, you will want to make sure it is safe to use. Then, you will want to make sure that you can use it with ease and that nothing will stick to the pan. Next, you will want to ensure that it has a solid heat tolerance and is easy to care for.

 Other factors also include the durability and lifespan of the cookware and if it falls into your budget or not. OF course, you want to make sure you also like the style of the cookware too.


Ceramic Cookware Pros and Cons

First up, let’s cover all the good things to know about ceramic pans’ pros and cons. In general, there are definitely more pros than there are cons. The biggest selling point is that the ceramic cookware is often ceramic coated meaning that it is non-stick and also not toxic.

 But we will get into more detail on all that goodness in a tick.


Top Advantages of Ceramic Cookware


1. Non-Stick Surfaces

One of the biggest draw cards of ceramic-coated pans is the fact that they offer a brilliant non-stick surface. This means that you do not have to stress about the food you are making sticking to your pan and, even if you are a beginner, messing up your meal. This is a super forgiving surface to cook on no matter what your skill level is.


2. Less Oil Required

Another great benefit of ceramic cookware is the fact that you do not actually need a ton of cooking oils to keep the surfaces stick-free. This, in turn, means that you will also be reducing your overall calorie intake in meals too.


3. Cleaning is Easy

Another great benefit of ceramic cookware is the fact that they are super easy to clean. Because it is super unlikely the surfaces will get all sticky and messy, you will likely be able to clean in a matter of seconds. Just make sure that it is done so delicately and after the ceramic coating has cooled down.


4. Heats Evenly

One of the most frustrating parts about using cookware sometimes is how uneven it is to get the surface heated. But with ceramic cookware, the surfaces heat as evenly as possible and basically act like an oven!


5. Affordable and Stylish

Not only is ceramic cookware affordable for the everyday household, but they are also equally stylish and modernized. You will certainly enjoy cooking with a ceramic cookware appliance.


Disadvantages to Consider

Let’s be honest, it is hard to come up with disadvantages when it comes to ceramic cookware. In general, the things to weigh up against are that you need to wash these by hand and tend to it with lots of care. You also want to be mindful to never go above a medium heat when cooking.


Top Advantages of Stainless Steel Cookware

In comparison, there are some comparisons to consider when it comes to stainless steel options.


1. A Toxic Free Surface

Just like ceramic cookware, stainless steel also has a toxic-free surface. But it is also less friendly when it comes to those who are not yet seasoned cooks. So while it is supposed to be non-stick, it is not always the case if you haven’t had enough practice and experience with it yet.


2. Durable and Dishwasher Safe

One of the biggest advantages stainless steel cookware has over ceramic cookware is the fact that it can be thrown into the dishwasher. But this also means that the surface of the cookware will not heat as well as the ceramic options.


Disadvantages to Consider

In addition, stainless steel cookware will require you to use a ton of cooking oil, easily stains if you burn or overheat it, and can be a more expensive option.



So if you are going to stock your kitchen with any kitchen essentials, make sure you choose the ceramic cookware if you are looking for the best all-around option.



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