Ways to Find People’s Birthdays

People’s Birthdays

Birthdays are moments where friends and family members gather together to celebrate the day where someone important to them was born. This is occasionally associated with giving of gifts, appreciation speeches and dancing and singing. A cake is the most important piece of the event. It would be a huge disappointment to miss such an important event if the person is dear to you so we have compiled these ways to find people’s birthdays for you, as part of the birthdaylookupguide campaign.- People’s Birthdays

One might suggest going straight to the person whose birthday you want to find. There may be reasons you are not willing to do that. You may be looking to surprise the person with a gift. You may also have forgotten the date of birth after they told you. Whatever the situation may be, these ideas will help you find that date of birth in no time.

Start Topic Around Birthdays

If the person is someone you are very close to, you can talk to them about birthdays. You can start conversations around the best birthday they ever had or the worst. You can ask them if they share a birthday with any celebrity. Talk about your birthday experiences too so as to not sound weird.

Get Hold of Personal Documents

Another solution you can try in situations whereby you live with the person would be to get hold of their personal documents. This can be a government issued ID, birth certificate, passport, Curriculum Vitae or driver’s license. These are documents with date of birth details in them.

Easy to access documents can be an ID or driver’s license. You can ask the person to show you as you want to check their expiry date, for example.

Ask From Relatives and Friends

Relatives and friends are other sources of birthday information that can prove helpful. These are people who might have been part of the person’s birthday celebration in the past. If you know any of them or are close to one of them, then you might consider approaching them. You can call them, text them or meet them in person. Be very delicate with your approach so as not be seem weird.

Go Online

You can also go online and try a search for the birthday from there. There are numerous sources online you can try.

Social Media

Social media sites are a great example. People sign up on these platforms and create profiles where they include personal details. One of such details is date of birth. It might happen that you know what social media platform the person whose birthday you want to find is affiliated to. You might even be friends on the platform.

In such a case, all you have to do is navigate to their profile and view it. It might happen that they included it when developing their profile. If they did you will find it there.

Posts are also another source to consider for birthday information. Social media users normally post pictures and posts of themselves celebrating their birthday. Going through the person’s posts over the past year might help you uncover the date of birth of the person.

Sites that are leading the social media race are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. There are also ways on how to find someone’s birthday on Snapchat you might use.

People Search Sites

The internet also come with sites that are dedicated to offering searches on people. These sites come with a search bar where you can enter your search information and search. Name searches are common on them. Premium people search sites has the ability to find information like social media profiles, court records, criminal records, education background, employment history, date of birth and more on a person.

These are some of the ideas you can try out on ways to find people’s birthdays. With them you stand a chance to be part of that important person’s special day.


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